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Description: To produce a wargame for fighting medium to large scale battles in Star frontier system via a fast play system.
Have a look over - appreciate suggestions, comments

Ideally, it would be handy to incorporate any of the good stuff from Delta Dawn, as this was primarily doing the same thing as this project. Anyone got a copy?

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Fast play sytem designed for  1/300th,6mm figures

Currently working on Landfleet Army List, but thrown ideas in for a Sathar Attack Force

Best to look over rules and decide for yourself - very rough (originally written over 13years ago, but never felt they were 'right'). In the process of producing a number of 2D drawings for Rules explanations.

Producing a number of meshes to date, but I'm now concentrating on putting the rulebook and the 1st army list - landfleet into an organised book. Depending on RL issues, i hope to have this done over the next couple of weeks. As always,  I'll keep you all updated on progress

My ideal is to produce a highly finished, well thought out game - as professional as possible.

D10/ D6 system - currently working out both systems, but it's to be playtested and see which system is quicker (it wouldn't be a fast play system then?)