Background Points

After determining Ability Scores, it is time to flesh out the character. Player characters in the standard Star Frontiers campaign begin just upon reaching the prime of their lives. They are on the cusp of venturing forth into the world to live out their dreams! However, before reaching that point in their lives, their youth has taught them many valuable life skills that aren’t necessarily given through the didactics of a classroom! These basic life skills are represented by the base skills that are every PC gets.

In addition, a PC gains Background Points (BPs) to increase ability scores or improve their racial abilities. 

1) A character has a number of BPs equal to two plus ten percent of INT. BP = (INT * 10%) + 2

2) These BP (ranging from 3 to 12) may be spent on the following:

  • Ability Scores: Improve one Ability Score one point per BP used.
  • Racial Abilities: Improve Racial Abilities one point per BP used.
  • Skills: BPs may also be used to improve or learn any Language skill, Knowledge skill, Interpersonal skill, or Personal skill as per the next section Character Development. In addition, BPs may be used to improve any bonus skills granted as a result of race or background. The BP cost is half the PSA XP cost listed.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages: Special qualities in PCs that may only normally be obtained at character creation. They represent traits or backgrounds that help or hinder PCs.  Each Disadvantage taken for a PC grants an additional number of BP as listed. Each Advantage costs the number of BP listed. Advantages and Disadvantages are listed below.