Types of robots include the following:

Brain - thinker robots used to coordinate large numbers of other robots as well as perform independant operations
Commando - warrior robot that commands Sentry Robots
Guardian  - generally assigned to protect one specific area
Harsh Duty - large robots designed to operate in harsh environments
Provider  - general service duties such as steward work, culinary prep, etc
Sentry - these are mobile warrior robots with multiple weaponry and defenses
Worker - assist with upkeep & repairs on mechanical and electronic equipment

A robot will possess STR/STA, DEX/RS, and INT/LOG as a character does. Any robot with a LOG:30 or greater is capable of verbal communication, otherwise they must be instructed via preprogrammed/keypad routines via a tech or computer link. The maximum limitations vary acording to type, as follows:

Robot TypeMax STR/STAMax DEX/RSMax INT/LOG*Max Programs
Brain   100/300    70/70      90/90        12
Commando   100/300    90/90      70/70         6
Guardian     90/90    70/70      60/60         5
Harsh Duty   200/200    30/30      45/45         2
Provider     45/45    45/45      60/60         3
Sentry     70/70    90/90      40/40         5
Worker     60/60    45/45      45/45         4
* Brains must have a minimum INT/LOG:60/60, Commandos 45/45

Price is according to type and ability points. The base price is always the same, but the abilities can be improved over time with additional funds (re: upgrades).

Robot TypeBase PriceCost/Ability Point*
Brain 17,000Cr      20Cr/point
Commando 14,000Cr      20Cr/point
Guardian  6,000Cr      10Cr/point
Harsh Duty  6,000Cr      15Cr/point
Provider  6,500Cr      20Cr/point
Sentry  4,000Cr      10Cr/point
Worker  3,000Cr      15Cr/point
* Per point relates to each ability in the pair. Thus, STR and STA must be individually purchased. Re: if a character wanted to purchase a Sentry robot with STR/STA of 50/60, it would cost 500Cr for the STR:50 plus 600Cr for the STA:60, or 1100Cr total for the pair.

Robotic Programs
Cargo Handling1000Cr      H
Computer Link4000Cr     any
Construction1000Cr      H
Crop Harvesting 500Cr     H/W
Defensive Screen 500Cr    C/G/S
Guidance/Analysis2000Cr     B/C
Leadership3000Cr     B/C
Maintenance/Upkeep 500Cr      W
Medical Assistance5000Cr      P
Melee Weapons 500Cr    C/G/S
Mining/Excavation 500Cr      H
Personal Service1000Cr      P
Ranged Weapons 500Cr    C/G/S
Repair1000Cr      W
Restrain 500Cr      G
Robotic Coordination1000Cr     B/C
Scientific Analysis4000Cr      P
Search & Destroy3000Cr     C/S
Security Lock 500Cr     any
Stewarding 500Cr      P
*Adding a program to any other robot beyond the application of said program doubles the cost. Brains may utilize any program

Program Explanations

Cargo Handling - deals with the loading and unloading of cargo from a ship or vehicle, as well as warehouse storage.
Computer Link - allows a robot to communicate with a host computer and/or robot brain
Construction - deals with the construction of buildings, ships, roads, or any other structures
Crop Harvesting - allows for proper cultivating of plants including care, gathering, and processing
Defensive Screen - permits the use of defensive screens (re: inertia or albedo screen) 
Guidance/Analysis -  coordination based on interpretion of recieved data
Leadership - permits the command of other robots, whether physically present or via a computer link
Maintenance/Upkeep - allows for maintaining machinery, mechanic & electronic toolkits required
Medical Assistance - permits basic medical attention, medical kit required 
Melee Weapons - permits the use of hand held weapons for use in melee combat
Mining/Excavation - allows for the heavy workload involved with digging and processing of minerals
Personal Service - basic service program to assist organic beings, be it food service & preparation, ushering guests, operation of cars/cycles, and other general errands
Ranged Weapons - permits the use of firearms 
Repair - an upgrade of the basic maintenance/upkeep program that allows for assisted repair work, same tool kits required
Restrain - allows unarmed combat, as well as capture & binding options along with moving captives 
Robotic Coordination - permits the direction of other robots, one program must be installed for each type of coordinated robot (such as Sentry for sentry robots, Worker for worker robots, etc)
Scientific Analysis - allows for the interpretation of surrounding environments. Enviro Kit required
Search & Destroy - permits combat missions involving acquisition and tracking of targets, must be used with ranged weapons program
Security Lock - applies a -30 penalty to anyone wishing to tamper with the robot
Stewarding - general housekeeping and waste disposal duties

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