Basic Ship Computer Package (Knight Hawks)

 The following table list the base Computer Program's needed for a starships.

Computer Program
Description / Source
 Astrogation Knight Hawks Table pg. 40
 Drive  Knight Hawks Table pg. 37-38
 Life Support Knight Hawks Table pg. 39
 Alarm Level is equal to number of drives
 Damage Control
 Level is equal to number of drives
 Maintenance Level is equal to number of drives
 Analysis Level equal to Astrogation Program
 Industry Level 1: Machine Shop and Hydroponics
* Page references are for Knight Hawks Remastered

The owner/builder may add in any other desired programs as needed. Some examples include but are not limited to;
  • Weapons and Defensive systems
  • Commerce Program for trade vessels
  • Laboratory for research
  • Other specialty software such as security programs, etc.
Suggested Programs

Communication Level 1
This program can be utilized to coordinate intercom networks on ships larger than HS:2.

Installation Security Level 1
This program can handle the Skin Sensors without buying the Skin Sensor software package, in addition to any other internal security measures (surveilance cameras, locks on hatches, etc)