Interceptors (anti-fighter craft)


Size 1 or 2 (small fighter-type craft)

Two type-A atomic engine

Anti-fighter spacecraft

Launched from anything that holds a fighter (the larger interceptors take up twice the space)

7 hull points (larger have 10)

Size 1: one pod laser battery (mounted underneath, 2d10, directional, range 9) and two assault rocket launchers (one on each wing)

Size 2: Two pod laser batteries (one on each side of the cockpit, 2d10, directional, range 9) and three assault rocket launchers (one underneath, one on each wing)

Able to land and take off of planets

MR of 6, ADF of 5

Crew:  small, 1,

large, 2

Faster than a fighter, these quick light craft have less HP than a normal fighter, but carry over three times the payload. Not meant for attack on capital ships due to their small size, these ships almost defy the laws of physics with their weaponry, as most ships their size wouldn’t be able to handle the power of multiple assault rockets or pod laser batteries. Their upgraded military technology allows them to carry weapons formerly thought impossible for this type of craft, but the ultralight raritanium upgrade and smaller size of the pod laser batteries allows these craft to use them to great effect against their counterparts. The assault rockets are automatically fed into the launchers, allowing the pilot(s) to focus most of their flying power on dodging maneuvers. Each launcher carries 4 rockets, and because the rockets are made out of a superlight metal called terrabranium it allows them to move faster, dealing an extra 2 damage to anything it hits. The launchers themselves come at an extra cost, as it now takes an extra 1,000 to buy a rocket and an extra 5,000 for the launcher. The upgrade for the pod laser batteries costs an extra 2,500. These small craft pack quite a punch, and enemy fighters should have a tough time fighting these masters of destruction.