Character Generation

How to Create A Character --Addendum

I added these steps to the character creation process from the Expanded Game:

New Races And Racial Abilities:

 Mhneme +0 +0 +5 -5
 Zuraqquor(technician) -10 +0 +10 +0
 Zuraqquor(warrior/worker) +10 +0 -10 +0

Additional Steps:

10. Roll 2d10 and add the result to 16 to determine the character’s starting age.

11. Subtract 16 from the character’s starting age, above, and multiply the result by the character’s INT/LOG score average to determine starting XP.

12. Divide INT score by 2. This is the percentage chance that the character will have psionic potential.

13. If the above roll is successful, then roll d100 three times to determine if the character is telepathic(45% chance), telekinetic(10% chance) or clairvoyant(25% chance). Otherwise, go to 14, below.

14. Roll d100 and add the result to 500. The final result is the number of Credits the character has at the start of the game. The character can spend this money immediately on equipment, or save some of it until later in the game.

Skills(More Modifications)
I didn't like the idea of characters having only one PSA and that was it. So I added this simple rule:

At the start of the game, each character takes the average of his INT and LOG scores and divides the result by 20. This is the number of Primary Skill Areas he may take at creation. Additional PSAs can be taken after creation at the cost of 25 expirience points per PSA. 

Weapon Skills

Here's what I did here: Added the spaceship weapons to the other skills listed here, removed the pre-requisites, and gave the usual -10% penalty for operating heavy weapons.


BEAM WEAPONS skill applies to electrostunners, laser pistols, laser rifles, laser cannon, laser batteries, sonic devastators, sonic disruptors, sonic stunners, electron pistols, electron rifles, heavy electron projectors, proton and electron batteries, and disruptor beam cannon.   

GYROJET WEAPONS skill applies to gyrojet pistols, gyrojet rifles, grenade rifles, grenade mortars, rocket launchers, assault rockets, StarHawk missiles, cruise missiles, seeker missiles and torpedos.

MELEE WEAPONS skill applies to axes, brass knuckles, chains, clubs, swords, electric swords, las swords,neutron swords, sonic swords, knives, sonic knives, vibroknives, nightsticks, polearms, shock gloves, spears, stunsticks and whips.

PROJECTILE WEAPONS skill applies to automatic pistols and rifles, bows, muskets, needler pistols and rifles, machine guns, recoilless rifles and massdrivers.

THROWN WEAPONS skill applies to all grenades and thrown axes, knives and spears.

Heavy and spaceship weaponry have a -10% penalty to operate.

There is one additional subskill pertaining to all weapons skills:


-30% to all to-hit rolls

A person using this subskill can target any body part, or any system on a vehicle or spacecraft.


There are now six Technological skills: Computer skill, Robotics, Technician,  Piloting, Astrogation and Spaceship Engineer. Again, I removed the pre-requisites for the spaceship skills and made them Tech skills instead.

Technician Skill

Modified it to accomodate the spaceship skills.

Success Rate: 50% +10% per skill level
Operating a vehicle includes starting it, driving it and using it to do anything it was designed to do. The chance to succeed includes the possibility that the technician may need to bypass a locked ignition to start the vehicle. Obviously, if the vehicle is damaged or out of fuel, it will not start until it is repaired or refueled.
A technician gets one chance to operate an unfamiliar vehicle. If the technician has driven this type of machine before, he can start it and drive it automatically. A technician can try to operate any ground or water vehicle, regardless of his level. At 2nd level he can fly a jetcopter(as a level 1 jetcopter pilot, see below). At 4th level he can fly an aircar(as a level 1 aircar pilot, see below), and at 6th level he can operate a shuttlecraft or a system ship(as a level 1 starship pilot, see below).

Piloting Skill

Same as KH, save it's a Tech skill, with specialties in Jetcopter and Aircar Piloting as well as Spaceship Piloting,  and I've modified the Increase MR subskill thusly:


   Success Rate: 70% +10% per skill level

On a given turn, a pilot has a chance either to accelerate beyond what his Void engines will allow or to maneuver more than what his maneuver jets will allow. This chance is 10% per level of the pilot. If the skill check is successful, the pilot increase his ADF or his MR by 1 for that turn only.

If the pilot fails this check, the ship loses one point of ADF/MR. If the pilot rolls a 99-00, then the ship loses all ADF or MR.

*For the Jetcopter and Aircar Pilot skills, this subskill is Increase Top Speed/Turn Radius, increasing his top speed by 10 or his turn radius by 60 degrees.

Spaceship Engineering Skill

Added a subskill:


   Success Rate: 50% +10% per skill level

On a given turn, the ship's engineer can increase power to the beam weapons, the Void engines or the mag shielding. A success on this roll gives the ship one point of ADF, 10d10 points additional damage to one of the beam weapons systems or an additional -25% to all attacks striking the ship's mag shielding.

A failed roll is the same as rolling a 98-105 on the Advanced Game Damage Table, while a roll of 99-00 results in the disastrous fire result from the Advanced Game Damage Table.