Disintegration by Dralasite

Ravenshade here with a story. *Ahem* One day, when I was playing SF with my dad (human, character's name: Ronin) and my sister (dralasite, character's name: Octavia), we decided to start on the Clarion Station adventures. Well, when completing the adventure of the illlegal freighter cargo mission (mission #2, I think), Ronin and Raven got pinned down by three crew members. Vince was on the bridge of the freighter fighting three rogues of his own, but was doing okay. The battle downstairs seemed to be at a stalemate, but then one of the rogue crew made the mistake of stepping out of cover. Octavia suddenly burst into the room carrying a sonic destroyer that she'd found among the illegal cargo, took aim, and disintegrated the unlucky crewmember. The two that were standing behind the door surrendered immediately. I always found that rather hilarious, as Octavia isn't a fighter in the least (she's the medic) and she just happened to find that in the cargo.