Bad Guys by Albin Johnson (Fairhand)

As told by Albin Johnson

I remember the LAST official game of Star Frontiers ever played by my old group back home. It was a riot, because we'd all been to college for a year and SF was a thing fading fast in our interests as 'grown-ups'. James McCameron had a nice, normal scenario for us to play. Jim was so bitter at having spent all those years as a 'medic' character to my 'military' character (remember when military guys were the only ones who mattered? we were such doofuses!) that he re-wrote his entire character to be even more of a killer than my legendary Yalua the Yazirian.

Anyways, halfway into the intro of the game, everyone rebels and says: "hey, let's do something fun like take over the ship, be pirates, or just raid Port Loren!!!!" Well, James was put off at the idea of his game plot being ditched, and protested that he didn't have the stats rolled up if they wanted to go 'robbing banks' in Port Loren. So I just snickered and said 'aw, it's easy, James, just come up with some rough stats that make, let me do it and you control Yalua. Mind his backpack, though, he's got a full sack of TD-19!"

Well, the boys were happy. I plopped them down in the middle of Port Loren where they proceeded to that little cluster of buildings in the middle (see map that comes with game) and began heisting the jewelry store at gunpoint. Joe's Dralasite and Ola's Vrusk didn't like the idea and got nervous about Starlaw so they leave. Jim, Dave, and Don relish in the idea and start shooting everything. It was great! James just sulked in the corner, mad that his game had been hijacked (I was such a jerk! :)

Anyways, the law arrives in no time and in force - vehicles ring the entire block, closing it off from escape. Jim, Dave, and James bolt out the store, firing at everything in sight, blowing away pedestrians, shooting at the cars, etc. Joe's dralasite makes use of the panic and climbs one of the buildings and accesses a pedestrian walkway to cross into non-surrounded territory. Ola is smart, too, and as a Vrusk tech. runs over to one of the elevators to descend into the parking garage below. Don the human sees Ola's retreat and figures his is a better plan than sticking around and follows. Jim and Dave scurry about, Yazirian and Osakar, laughing like Beavis & Butthead and enjoying the whole 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' affair. At one point, Jim sees James (controlling Yalua) standing off to one side looking for police to come storming in. Jim mutters something to me, the GM: "Heh heh - well, so much for your legendary Yalua, Al!!!" So he fires his laser pistol at the backpack at 10 SEU setting - the TD-19 explodes in a bright burst of flame and all that's left of Yalua is a greasy spot on the sidewalk! I was crushed! Jim and Dave high-fived.

Meanwhile, Joe makes like Lee Harvey Oswald. His Dralasite clears the street, pursued by law enforcement that see him on the elevated walkway. He runs into a darkened holotheater, where he somehow loses them. Ola and Don, at the same time, enter the underground garage, Ola successfully opens and hotwires a car, and the two of them somehow manage to bust through the roadblock above. A fast car-chase follows, and out of the hail of gunfire their car is hit and the steering goes out. They crash outside Port Loren and escape on foot.

The rest isn't pretty, but it's the stuff of stories. Jim and Dave are the only living members still caught in the blockade, and there's NO escape. They dive into store after store, shooting customers and dodging gunfire from the police that sit outside each shop's window. They take hit after hit, but somehow keep going. Finally Jim and Dave grin at each other, look out on of the windows and say "I'll take the human over there" "Okay, I want to go down with that Vrusk over there". The two go crashing out a picture window, guns blazing, and after a hundred dice rolls simulating the police gunfire, the two are history.... What a rush.

What a nice game to end the legacy on....