Stern Decks

Deck 13: Recreation Deck - Where the crew unwinds...complete recreation facilities include a three station simulation center, gym, arcade, lounge, and a bar & grill that is typically named after the craft (re: "the Allison May Lounge")

Deck 14: Passenger Deck - two double occupancy first class cabins are on this deck for transporting government officials, planetary emmisaries, or other such passengers. They are flanked by a pair of triple occupancy cabins typically housing marines. A galley, lounge, and washroom round out the deck, along with the main airlock and universal docking collar. Heavy weapon mounts are at positions "w" intended to repel boarders.

Deck 15 - Engineering - The engineer station is where 50% of overhaul time is spent, a secondary engineer is typically stationed here while the chief is on the bridge. Also present are the ship's primary life support unit, a generator and power relay station, two robot closets, and a robotics repair room with tool rack, workbench, parts, and parabattery recharging equipment. Starboard is a full toolshop with laser drill press, laser lathe, foundry, workbench, and toolracks. The port airlock permits outer hull access and has a spacesuit closet.

Deck 16: Engine Room - Port and starboard decontamination/airlocks permit access to the atomic drives, where the remaining 50% of overhaul time is spent. Dorsal monitoring banks assist in this work, ventral closets contain insuits and two spacesuits. A pair of workpod pens flank the ventral side.

Deck 17: Aft Sensors - the stern mounted radar and energy sensor arrays can be accessed here for service and repair.