Chapter 2: Ability Scores

Chapter 2: Ability Scores
Characters are defined at the lowest levels by five ability scores.  They represent the talents and in-born abilities that he has developed up to this point in his life.  Each ability score has a modifier based on how far it is above or below the average score of 10.  This modifier is used far more often than the score itself.  Ability scores can be improved during play but far less than skills.

The Abilities
The five abilities are listed hereafter along with descriptions.  After the name of each ability, the abbreviation used is listed in parenthesis.  Note that no distinction is made between a physical and a mental ability.
  • Fitness(Fit): Fitness is a measure of physical condition, including physical strength, coordination, and endurance.  Characters with high fitness scores tend to be tough, good at athletic activities, and have the potential to become skilled combatants.  Your Fitness score adds to your Health score.  Your Fitness modifier adds to your effect dice when using Fitness skills.
  • Acuity(Acu): Acuity measures physical and mental quickness.  Characters with high Acuity scores can come to conclusions quickly and intuitively grasp situations before others.  Add your Acuity modifier to your effect die when using Acuity skills.
  • Resolve(Res): Resolve covers mental endurance, pain tolerance, and the ability to project a cool and calm front.  Characters with high Resolve shine under pressure and are often found in leadership positions. Your Resolve score is added to your Vitality score.  Your Resolve modifier is added to your effect die when using Resolve skills.
  • Moxie(Mox): Moxie is charm, unpredictability, and spontaneous action.  Characters with high Moxie can be wild but are indispensible when crazy, unexpected situations happen.  Your Moxie score adds to your Vitality score.  Add your Moxie modifier to your Effect die when you use Moxie based skills.
  • Precision(Pre): Precision is mental and physical dexterity.  Characters with high Precision develop accurate solutions and make the hardest of shots.  When you use Precision based skills, add your Precision modifier to your Effect die.
Generating Ability Scores
The Referee will decide the method by which ability scores are generated depending on how strong he wishes characters to be in the campaign.  See table 2-1 for standard ability levels, although Referees may use a different method if they desire.

 Table 2-1: Character Ability Levels
Character Type
Random Method
Point Buy Allotment
 Average Joes
 3d6 8
Local Heroes
4d6, drop lowest
 Planetary Notables
 2d6+6 17
 Galactic Explorers
 1d10+8 20

Average Joes: Characters at this level are little better than the average being on the street, at least to begin with.  Using point buy, characters receive 8 points to spend on Table 2-2 or roll 3d6 five times. 
Local Heroes: These characters are better than average in most ways but may have some notable weak areas.  Random rolls use 4d6 for each ability.  Keep the highest 3 results to find your ability score.  Point buy characters receive 14 points at this level. 
Planetary Notables: These characters stand out as some of the most talented people on their home planets.  To determine their abilities randomly, roll 2d6 and add six for each ability.  Point buy characters get 17 points.
Galactic Explorers: These characters stand above the galaxy in terms of natural talent but even higher expectations are placed on them.  Random characters roll 1d10+8 for each ability while point buy characters receive 20 points.

Random Methods: Referees may allow you to arrange the scores as you see fit or to place them in the order you roll them.
Point Buy Methods: Each ability has a base score of 10.  You may spend points as you see fit to increase scores.  You may also lower up to two scores as low as 8 to increase other abilities. See table 2-2 for costs.

Table 2-2: Point Buy Costs
 9 -1
 10 0
 11 1
 12 2
 13 3
 14 4
 15 7
 16 10
 17 13
 18 17