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Description: A Project to produce a set of rules under the OGL usable for playing in the Star Frontiers setting.

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This project aims to produce a rules document using the d20 ruleset and the OGL license that can be used to play Star Frontiers.  Because it uses the OGL setting information including races needs to go in its own document also hosted here.  I intend to eventually cover Knight Hawks and take what's usable out of Zebulon's Guide.  I'm planning on a power system but it will be a completely optional system.

Please feel free to comment and contribute. Logical, factual, and spelling errors are all fair game.  I ask that everyone follow a piece of advice I received in college: Be as harsh with ideas as you need to be but try to be kind to other posters.  Also, if you just hate something and no amount of change will help, let me know so I don't spend a weekend trying to brainstorm changes.

My intent is that all final documents are released for free and where copyright will allow under a free license.  Also, this project is intended to be as open as possible. The only restriction I have placed is that only project members can upload documents but I'm willing to change that if needed. Let me know if I need to change project settings.