Starting characters in the classic campaign

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December 21, 2012 - 8:52pm
Cataloging ways to start characters in the classic campaign

1. members of either one of the survey expeditions though I'm wondering that the 2nd survey expedition was anything of the sort and possibily more of a rescue party.

2. Pirates (nod to Shadowshack)

3. Crew members of the ships stopped here by the pirates that actually managed to make it into an escape pod and get down to the planet.

4. Prisoners of the pirates

5. Journalist or other investigator looking into the rumors of illegal ore coming from somewhere (Volturnus)

6. Peace Keeper Battalion grunts redirected from the Police Action on Cygnus Omicron IX by the government of Pale to respond to the emergency calls from Volturnus and become embroilled in the Battle of Volkos.
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