Aftermath-Zebulon and the Rim Adventures

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November 2, 2012 - 7:40pm
Since this is the Volturnus revisited project, I thought I'd put down some ideas on what I'm doing in my campaign that I play with my kids in the aftermath of the sathar attack on Volturnus. As time goes on I plan on fleshing the areas out that are yet undeveloped and describing how they went down in our sessions. So that said:

I had my kids finish the Volturnus series, and return to civiliaztion as heroes. The 900 years is a long time thread here in this project has some details about how we handled the Mechanon, the defense installation on the moon, and the KH scenario during the last stage of the battle of Volturns. But in order to keep ties to the emerging story of the Eorna rebuilding and all the corporate intrigue, as well as meeting the Rim races, I had their favorite NPC Shaler remain on Volturnus as a plot hook. So the kids started off the Rim Adventures as new PCs who were a part of the original expedition, captured by the space pirates and held in Slave City One.

I decided to make our campaign similar to the way a book or movies tells stories. Several characters at different places as a saga of the frontier leading up to SW2 is unfolding. Each seeing a different part of the larger story, and hearing of the other events from a different angle. The storytelling angle is kind of non linear, as their other PCs are about 60 days in the future, having returned to Clarion (they were attached to the CRM when they went to Volturnus) and are now part of the Osprey crew rescuing the Eleanor Moraes on Mahg Mar. So I'm using it as an opportunity to give the characters backstory on events they were already aware of from newsreels their other PCs had seen.

The new adventure began with the PCs laid up injured and sick during the battle, and then healed up after their 'other' characters left the planet. The main reason their NPC friend Shaler stayed behind was to find his brother Rigel, who had gone down with the first expedition, but was known to have reached the planet alive. For a plot device, I had Rigel and the PCs know each other - having served with the CDC and discovered Alcazzar. (Yet another plot waiting to unfold in the future.) So the opening phase of the adventure was a rescue operation. To add a little interest, I added an Eorna to the group, a pilot named Viiral-the squadron leader from the KH scenario during the battle of Volturnus. The party had to go through a Kurabanda village, and an encounter with sathar who had been left behind before they found him, treed by a quickdeath.

After the rescue, they returned to Volkos and had an "Incidental Historical Encounter" with a group from the Rim Coalition. This group was there offering aid to the Eorna as the CFM had to the victims of the Sathar on Truane's Star years before after SW1. For the timeline, I'm using Jedion's Rim Coalition timeline, which has the CFM helping out the Eorna and lobbying the UPF to make Volturnus a protectorate to protect the planet from the Mega Corps. As time goes on, the CFM will negotiate trade and mutual defense treaties on behalf of the Rim with the UPF, with a free Volturnus as a stipulation (and a buffer between the Rim and the mega corps). At this point however, the Eorna are wary of all off worlders as their dealings have not been good at this early stage. The CFM begins to shower them with aid and materials, and assists them in rebuilding Volkos so they can begin hatching their 50,000 stasis eggs. As time goes on, PGC and Streel will begin ratcheting up their violations of Eorna sovereignty-taking without asking, and the CFM will continue to provide free aid and services, giving without being asked. I plan on the tensions getting really high before the CFM makes their move and offers the UPF treaties, and a new technology used on Capella - a space elevator. I'm also planing to have the Eorna to give pod laser and pod laser turret technology to the UPF and CFM to sweeten the deal.

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November 2, 2012 - 8:25pm
Additional Adventures:

Edestekai come to Volkos to ask the Eorna for help. Off-worlders have attacked them near their home village. It turns out to be a Streel mining team set up in the abandoned pirate outpost. They are using mining robots to squatter mine the planet. Streel has them in there without permission to take what they can, while the freighter that brought them from Truane's Star checks out the Eorna egg ship for alien technology. The party investigates, and a firefight erupts. The team is small, 8 people, some security and mining robots. The party finds deduces that the egg ship is unguarded, and find Streel checking it out. The remaining Eorna heavy fighters escort the Party's captured Streel personal runabout and capture the Streel freighter.

*Star Law shortly after begins to have it’s presence felt. The UPF sends in some Star Law explorers to check out the Sathar artifact. The PCs are asked to accompany. At the site, there are a bunch of sathar and their critters to fight through before the scientists take over. Incidental Historical Encounter - the PCs will be involved in a conversation that will result eventually in the UPF doctrine to use the Sathar Obelisks on other worlds to trap them into a fight.

*After all this, another incident-this time with a PGC exploration site close to the Mechanon mound. After a hostile encounter with the PGC team, the Mechanon wipe out the entire site. Biologicals must equal zero.

*The CFM have been dropping equipment, pre-fab buildings, tents, food, medical supplies etc - turning Volkos into a camp above ground. The Egg ship is in orbit and being restored as an ad-hoc space station. The first eggs are thawing out and getting ready to hatch. The Eorna keep their fighters in orbit to protect the egg ship.

*Because of corporate incursions to the planet surface, the Mechanon have begun to fly sorties above the planet. They attack an inbound transport loaded with MerCo troops and some Streel boys.

* Both Streel and PGC are complaining to the UPF and threatening to strike back. The UPF desires to help, but hands are tied by corruption and red tape with Truane's Star's claim on Volturnus. Then the evidence found in the liberation of Slave City One finally blows wide open creating a PR nightmare for Streel and the government of Truane's Star. Siezing on this opportunity the CFM makes their offer to the UPF and as public sentiment for the indigenous races of Volturnus is at a high, the treaties are signed.

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November 2, 2012 - 8:37pm
More additional adventures:

1. A part of the Rim-UPF treaty is that the Rim races share their star charts and navigation data. he CFM invite a group from the UPF, and also a delegation from the Eorna to be the first frontier races to visit Capella. The group gets to see the CFM's space elevator on Capella. Still working on a twist.

2. The Star Devil - pirate base on Anker. As the CFM continues to supply the Eorna with goods, a pirate attack hits one of their freighters. The pirates get traced back to Anker. The star devil's base is there. A star law ranger squad needs the PCs to help them in the assault. Heavy weapons and assault craft will be involved as the heavily armed but outnumbered attackers go in against the unexpecting and more numerous pirates.

3. The Mechanon uprising. Some say biologicals must equal zero. Others want to live in peace, as biologicals already equal zero because of their mortality. There's a big fight and an exodus.

4. SW2 - There's more wormy action as part of the Sathar fleet attack through the Zebulon-Truane's Star corridor.