Physical Structure
Yazirians are tall, thin humanoids. They have long arms and legs and slender torsos. Two large flaps of skin grow on either side of their bodies, attached along their arms, torso and legs. When a Yazirian
raises its arms, this membrane is stretched tight and forms a sort of wing. Under certain conditions (explained under Gliding). Yazirians can
Yazirian Females
 glide short distances using these wings. Yazirians have muzzles and high foreheads, giving them an animal-like appearance. Their heads are
surrounded by manes and collars of hair, which varies in color from glossy black to pale yellow. Their skin color ranges from gray to light tan. Because their bodies do not sweat, Yazirians pant to keep cool. They are omnivores. Yazirians have four knuckles (one more than Humans) on their fingers and toes. The inside toe is opposed like a thumb, allowing them to grasp things with their feet. The tips of their fingers and toes end in broad, ribbed pads, giving them an excellent grip. These characteristics, combined with their animallike appearance, earned them the nickname "monkeys."

Night Vision: Because they evolved from nocturnal hunters, however, their eyes are adapted to seeing in dim light. They can not see in complete darkness. They usually wear dark goggles when they must
work in sunlight. In bright light, Yazirians without dark goggles must subtract 15 from both their Dexterity and Reaction speed scores. Yazirians' senses of hearing, smell and taste are equivalent to a human's. 

Yazirians have no trouble speaking Human languages or Pan-Galactic. Their own language is a combination of Human-type sounds and snarls and growls.

Society and Customs
Yazirian communities are divided into large, loosely organized clans. All the members of a clan are related to each other. In the past, clan ties were very strong. The clans had traditional enemies and allies, and they struggled constantly for power and land. Since the Yazirians moved into space, they have learned to cooperate more and the clans have become less important. Despite this, Yazirians still have a reputation throughout the Frontier as proud, fierce fighters. A custom Yazirians have kept intact is the selection of a life-enemy. When a Yazirian chooses a lifeenemy, he dedicates his life to destroying, overcoming or outdoing that enemy as completely as possible. In the past, a Yazirian would choose an enemy clan or clan member as his life-enemy, but now the choice is much wider. A Yazirian scientist could name an incurable disease as his life-enemy, or a Yazirian trader could choose a competing company. The scientist would try to find a cure for the disease; the trader would try to build up his own company so it is more powerful than his enemy's, or even try to drive the other company out of business.

A Yazirian gains honor by striving to defeat his enemy. Yazirians with powerful life-enemies are respected and admired. A Yazirian that defeats its enemy does not need to choose another, but some
Yazirians do. There is no set point in a Yazirian's life when he must choose a life-enemy, and some Yazirians never choose one. A Yazirian that dies without having chosen a life-enemy is considered unlucky. Typical Yazirian clothing is a large, brightly colored cape and tunic, a waist belt and two belts crossed over the chest. Dark goggles are worn in the daytime. Yazirians do not like shoes, but when necessary they wear mitten-like shoes. 

In general, Yazirians like Vrusk and Humans. They occasionally lose their patience with Dralasites, because they are slow and would rather discuss ideas than act on them. 

Special Abilities
Battle Rage. Yazirians train themselves to go berserk in battle. A berserk Yazirian gets a bonus of +20 to hit in melee. Yazirian characters start with a Battle Rage score of 5, and a 5% chance to go
berserk at the start of a battle. This chance can be increased by spending experience points (see IMPROVING CHARACTERS) to raise the Battle Rage score. Battle Rage lasts as long as the Yazirian
keeps fighting; it ends when the Yazirian rests for five minutes.

Yazirian Male
Gliding. Yazirians can glide short distances using the membranes along their sides. A Yazirian can glide 1 meter for every meter he is above the ground when he starts. He must start at least 10 meters above the ground. The maximum distance a Yazirian can glide depends on the gravity of the planet, as shown below. 

Gravity ---- Max. Glide
 .6G -------- 150 m
 .7G -------- 100 m
 .8G -------- 50 m
 .9G -------- 25 m
 1.0G ------- 10 m

* Yazirians cannot glide on planets with gravities below .6 or above 1.

Average Size 2.1 meters tall
Average Mass 50 kilograms (male) 60 kilograms (female)
Average Lifespan 140 years
Reproductive System heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temperature 39 degrees Celsius

Ability Scores

Walking 10 meters per turn
Running 30 meters per turn
Hourly 4 kilometers/hour

Special Abilities
Night Vision -15 to DEX/RS when operating in full daylight
Gliding Glide 1 meter forward for each meter descended.
Battle Rage 5% chance. When raged, +20 chance to hit opponents in melee.

The Core Four Part-II 

by Brian Conway
Star Frontiersman Issue #15

The ancient and magnificent Yazirians!  If they were not so much at each other's throats, they might be almost as bad as the Sathar.   (That might be a little harsh...)
According to ancient legend, there was a single planet from which all life sprung.  This planet has had many names, but the most important one is Yaziria.  Supposedly, ancient spacefarers populated the Yazirian systems with life, bringing with them all the abundance and verdancy of Yaziria.  This paradise-planet has long since disappeared into myth.  Nevertheless, the Sons and Daughters of this Eden, this Yaziria, are named Yazirians.  To some, this myth is historical fact.  To others it is a tenet of their religion.  A certain number think it is just an old story.  In any case, they call themselves Yazirians.

The actual location of Yaziria is claimed by different planets, weakening the spirituality of the myth.  On the other hand, the Yazirians’ many vicious wars have created many gaps in their historical narrative, and the archaeological record is inconclusive as to the actual origins of the race.  In much of Yazirian history, tradition, myth, and legend is all that has survived.  Even some precious artifacts that survived certain periods were destroyed centuries later in subsequent wars, removing whole chunks of the historical record.

Yazirians have the most violent history of any race other than the Sathar.  Clan violence finally ceased several hundred years ago after the Enlightened Ones came down with Jesus-like religious conviction and got the Clans to respect each other, at least in terms of life, limb, and property.

Yazirian religion revolves around the teachings of these Wise and Peaceful Brothers, who taught the Yazirians to take their tremendous energy and enthusiasm and turn it into something else besides war - especially on other Yazirians.

Hence, the Yazirians made a major and massive break with the development of the Sathar.  Unlike the Sathar, the Yazirians had always a strong philosophical, religious and peaceful streak in them.  It just took hundreds of years to finally take root and change the warrior-culture of the Yazirians.

Yazirians are dour, easy to insult, and take slights very seriously.  Most have poor senses of humor, and "not getting the joke" just makes them angrier.  This problem makes them think that they are the butt of the joke, worsening the situation.

Ritual is vital to Yazirians.  Their Enlightened Brothers saw rituals as a way to soothe the violent ways of the Yazirian reptilian mind.  It helps, to a point. Yazirians have ceremonies for almost everything, even relatively mundane events and holidays.  Major events and honors have ceremonies that can last hours.  Screwing up a ceremony is a serious insult. This is another reason the Yazirians don't get on well with Dralasites, who have a lot of trouble suppressing their giggling during these somber Yazirian scenes.

Clan is everything to Yazirians.  Being "Disinherited" (being cast out of the Clan) is devastating.  Many of these Yazirians become criminals.  The only fate worse than Disinheritance is Unjust Disinheritance.  However, some Clans do allow an atonement process.  Many Yazirians simply kill themselves when faced with such dishonor.

There are many Yazirian folktales and myths of ancient heroes who were unjustly disinherited.  They bring tears to the eyes of the most grizzled and battle-hardened Yazirian veteran.

Although their society is as varied as the others in the Frontier, the Warrior Ethos among the Yazirians is still very strong.  Their Battle Rage is symptomatic of their readiness to fight to the death at a moment's notice.  Battle is in their blood.

Yazirians do not get on with people outside of their clans, let alone with other races...  However, an excellent way to make a friend of a Yazirian is to share their sacred Life Enemy and help destroy it, or participate in battle with him or her.

A Yazirian friend is a friend for life, in most cases.  The ultimate honor that a Yazirian can bestow upon another is invitation to join their Clan.  Although this is rare, it does happen - mostly with Humans and Vrusk.

Once inside of Yazirian's clan, the true warmth and spirit of these beings is displayed. Yazirians among their Clans "let their fur down" and have wild parties. Yazirians love large halls that can accommodate the entire clan for parties - always involving massive amounts of alcohol and other intoxicants.  Dancing, singing, story-telling, gliding from the rafters, sexual ribaldry and all the other things one would associate with a drug and booze soaked party often occur at these Clan gatherings.

Non-Yazirian members of Yazirian clans become pretty much Yazirians themselves to the Clan members. Money is loaned freely at zero or low interest. All Clan members are expected to put up other visiting members of the Clan.  Generosity for other Clan members is one of the most endearing qualities of the Yazirians.  Many down-and-out humans have been saved by long-forgotten Clan members who have happened upon them.

Clan membership also comes with duties.  Many funny holoshows have revolved around human families suddenly burdened with having to accommodate, entertain, and clean up after large bunches of Yazirian clan members on an interstellar visit!  Hilarious when viewed from the outside - as the humans desperately try to parse all of the clan rules, rituals and traditions while trying not to go bankrupt paying for all the hospitality.

At a minimum, expect a Yazirian to show holos of his clan, with long winded descriptions of everything that everyone is doing, combined with a cavalcade of gossip, if you meet a fellow clan member after a long period of time.

Yazirians hate crowds.  They do not like to touch or be touched. Many a barfight has been caused by bumping into a drunken Yazirian.  Yazirians do not shake hands of non-Clan members - that is a very special gesture to a Yazirian.  They believe that part of the soul of the Yazirian passes on to the being whose hand is being shaken.  This has led to some serious misunderstandings among those who do not know this about Yazirians.

Some Disinherited Yazirians travel to the mixed-race planets, relax some of their more intense ways, and adjust quite well to their new situations.  The mixed race planets are full of these kinds of Yazirians, and others who find the rituals tedious and the attitudes too strict.  Most Yazirians do not have this kind of wanderlust, however.  The Clan serves as a huge social and cultural cocoon for most Yazirians.

Tragically, some Yazirians still judge others by their clan membership.  Many were enemies during the Wars centuries ago, and have never forgotten their feuds and slights.  This is especially prevalent among the older, more conservative Warrior Clans.  Violence does break out from time to time, but only (it is said) among individuals, not ordered by the Clan itself.  Clan War in Yazirian society is considered utterly Un-Enlightened.  It has not occurred among the major clans in hundreds of years.  It is the greatest of sins in Yazirian society - going against the most vehement and passionate teachings of the Great Brothers.

Most Yazirians, being very intelligent; understand that not everyone from the other races knows all of their quirks and sensitivities.  As a result, most Yazirians that come into contact with other races are prepared mentally for the inevitable gaffes and faux pas that occur with inter-racial contact.  Their patience is limited, however.

Certain clans are also mellower and less intense, especially the ones with high numbers of technicians and scientists among them.  Some clans even have renounced violence completely, embracing the Ways of The Great Brothers with a monk-like dedication.  Generally speaking, the more warrior-influenced the clan, the more intense and unforgiving that it is.

Yazirian society is still a little male-dominated, but much of this has unraveled since the Enlightened Brothers.  Today, most Yazirian females have a more-or-less equal footing to the males.  Again, it varies from clan to clan. Some clans are even matriarchies.  Again, the more conservative Warrior clans have a male-dominated slant, for the most part.

Magnificent in battle, capable of spectacular feats of agility, possessed of ancient wisdom, great intelligence; and yet rash, impulsive, intense, ultrasensitive, and quick to anger - the contemporary Yazirian is at the same time an enigma, and also clear for all to see.