Star Frontiers Online Play

SFOP is designed to help Referee's run games online. This document should serve as a resource to assist you, the Referee, in finding online tools, utilities and virtual game tables.

Star Frontiers Google Docs - Maps, counters, etc
  • If you DO NOT have a google account (it's free) you can download the images, however the power of the documents is having a google account since it will allow you to manipulate the maps.  
  • If you HAVE a google account, click on File > Make a Copy and you can edit all the images and layers (The maps are read-only)
Dave's Mapper - Slick geomorph mapping tool, includes city tiles. 

MapTool Project - full featured virtual table top, this project is building a framework for Star Frontiers. MapTool home page.

Google Hangouts - Part of Google Plus, great way to have face-to-face play. Integrated with Google Docs to share maps. is anoter browser-based resource for online gaming. It has a lot of neat features.