Time to Void Jump Speed

Time to Void Jump Speed computed by ADF with a jump speed of 1%C or 180 hexes. All times listed in Galactic Standard Time.

 1 180 30 1.5
 2 90 15 .75
 3 60 10 .5
 4 45 7.5 .375
 5 36 6 .3

Of course based on the map scale, 1 ADF equals an acceleration of 27.77 m/s/s or about 2.8g.  So you could do it at those speeds but you'd be stuck in an acceleration couch the entire time, even at an ADF of 1 and could do nothing else during the trip.

If we take 1g to be 10 m/s/s (rounding up a bit for simplicity), c to be 300,000 km/s and one day to be 20 hours, you get the following chart:

Accel (g)
 1 500 83.33 4.17
 2 250 41.67 2.08
 3 166.7 27.78 1.39
 4 125 20.83 1.04
 16.67 0.83

Most ships will only move at 1g of accleration for the entire trip as that is the average, standard gravity most of the beings are used to.  To do otherwise would either make the trip take longer (at a lower acceleration) or limit the mobility of crew and passengers and may have a negative effect on crew performance.  Thus at 1g, a typical jump takes about 8.5 days, just over 4 days to accelrate to jump speed and the remainder to decelerate on the far end and maneuver to your final destination.

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