Christianna-class torpedo frigate

CMS Rhiannon undergoing shakedown

Undergoing testing by the Clarion Royal Marines, the Christianna-class torpedo frigate uses a Size 6 spaceframe and a pair of size C pion engines as the basis for a strike version of the standard frigate.

The torpedo frigate is armed with a pair of turreted railguns, a chin mounted railgun battery and eight torpedos, using its powerful engines for fast strikes and relying solelly on its railgun battery for point defense, and a reflective hull and masking screens for anti-beam defense, this lack of defensive equipment being the design's major weakness.

So far, the Royal Marines have fielded five protoype TFs: the class ship Christianna, the Rebekah, the Audrianna, the Rhiannon and the Margaurite, with the Margaurite being equipped with seeker missile racks instead of torpedos.

Name: Christianna-class torpedo frigate

HS: 7

HP: 35

Engines: 2 Class C Pion 

Max ADF/MR: 4/4

DCR: 70

Life Support: 9

Crew Accommodations: 9 

Passenger Accomodations: None

Cargo Capacity: 5 units

Computer Level/Function points: 4/128 

Computer Programs: Alarm, Lockout, Damage Control, Installation Security, Pion Engine, Astrogation, Railgun, Torpedo(Seeker Missile), Masking Screen, Self-Destruct
Astrogation Equipment: Deluxe

Communications Equipment: Videocom, Subspace Radio

Sensor Systems: Skin Sensors, Cameras, Energy Sensors, Radar, White Noise Broadcaster

Weapons: RG(×2), RGB, TT(×8) OR SM(×10)

Defenses: RH, MS

Ship's Vehicles: Launch(10-person)

Other Equipment: N/A

Total Cost(unfueled): Cr. 32, 500,000

New Weapons Systems:

A massdriver which accelerates 12.7 millimeter projectiles to relativistic speeds, causing slightly more damage than a laser cannon, while requiring less space than a laser.

MHS:3(MHS:5 if turreted), HDR: 3D10, Range: 10 hexes, DTM: -10. Restrictions: LTD(15 100-round bursts)

Railgun Battery(RGB): A battery of four massdrivers firing 7.62 millimeter projectiles at relativistic speeds.

MHS:2, HDR: 2D10, Range: 8 hexes, DTM: -10.

Restrictions: LTD(18 100-round bursts)

Railgun Pod(RGP): A gunpod containing a pair of linked 5.56 mm massdrivers. Used by fightercraft and bombers.

MHS:1, HDR: 1d10+5, Range: 6 hexes, DTM: -10.

Restrictions: LTD(10 200-round bursts)  

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