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Description: Ship of the Frontier is a compendium of ship designs for use in the Star Frontiers game.  It includes descriptions, statistics and deckplans of the various ships described.

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This project is intended to hold all the various designs and descriptions of the ships plying the spaceways of the Frontier.  The goal is to get descriptions, statistics, deck plans and images of all the various ships.  If you've built a ship and would like to share, join up and post the information.

As minimum, each ship should have a short description and the relevant information from the Knight Hawks ship roster.  Ideally we'd like to get deck plans, and images of the ship posted as well as full descriptions of the vessel.

There will also be a section to act as a repository of images/chits to use to construct your deck plans.  Feel free to contribute to this growing pool as well.

If nothing else, come in, browse the ship inventory and enjoy!