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'Biorg' is currently a working title for an adventure i am currently building for Star Frontiers. There is still a lot of content to be added to this project, but it will give you a (small) insight into what I'm trying to achieve. I've also to adapt the storyline to fit into the SF universe, so ideas are more than welcome!

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Welcome to Biorg, a Star Frontiers adventure involving treachery, deceit and high adventure! The adventure begins with a secretive meeting to employ the characters in a daring hit and run mission. This mission involves stealing a much valued item from a dangerous cult. It this wasn't dangerous enough, the mission takes place in a region of space inhabited by vicious aliens, who taget anyone daring to enter their territory. Not only that, but a double cross leads to a prominent megacorporation becoming very interested in the players activities. Things are not looking good for the players...