The Corvette

This is the standard pirate corvette described in the canon rules.

Full KH Stats

Name: Corvette

HS: 4

HP: 25

Engines: 2 Class A Atomics

Max ADF/MR: 3/3

DCR: 45

Life Support: up to 35 beings (primary and backup)

Crew/Passenger Accomodations: 1 First Class (captain), 19 Journey Class (double bunk rooms)

Cargo Capacity: 2 Cargo Units

Computer Level/Function points: Level 4 / 145 FP

Computer Programs: Drives 4, Life Support 1, Alarm 2, Computer Lockout 4, Damage Control 2, Astrogation 4, Skin Sensors 1, Laser Cannon 1, Laser Battery 1, Analysis 4, Communication 1, Computer Security 4, Information Storage 4, Installation Security 4

Astrogation Equipment: Standard Starship

Communications Equipment: Videocom Radio w/1 extra screen, Subspace Radio, Intercom with 15 speaker/mikes

Sensor Systems: Radar, Energy Sensors, 20 portholes, Cameras, Skin Sensors

Weapons: LC, LB

Defenses: RH, MS x2

Ship's Vehicles: Small Launch, workpod

Other Equipment: White Noise Broadcaster, Engineer's Toolbox, Laser Power Torch, 2 refills for life support system

Total Cost(unfueled): 1,250,900 cr