Drape Moss

Type: Small Omnivore
Number: 1 patch
Move: Very Slow (5 meters/turn)
IM/RS: 2/20
Stamina: 15
Attack: None
Damage: 1 point/turn
Special Attacks: Incidental attack, entangling, poison
Special Defenses: Regeneration, entangling, camoflage
Native World/Habitat: Morgaine's World/Forests

Description: A mass of stringy filaments hanging from the branches of trees, off-white and moist, this fungal life form feeds on whatever happens to get caught within it.  Anything flying, crawling, walking or simply floating into the mass of drape moss gets held fast (current RS check to avoid entanglement) and slowly consumed.  The drape moss filaments inject a mild toxin (S2/T10) into living prey (current STA to avoid) to aid in digestion. 
Drape moss is difficult to differentiate from similar harmless forest growth.  A successful bioscanner check (against a score of 50) or an INT check (against a 65) will reveal the nature of this hazard.
Any sort of melee attack against drape moss results in the melee weapon becoming entangled.  Drape moss is immune to neddlers, and most non-energy weapons, due to its wispy, thread-like nature.  Grenades are generally effective, as they tend to become entangled in the mass.  Drape moss is extremely vulnerable to fire, taking double damage from fire and heat (this includes lasers).  Drape moss regenerates 5 STA per turn until reduced to 0 or less.  Drape moss can move, but only does so to escape damage or find more plentiful food.