Chameleon Snake

Type: Small Carnivore
Number: 1
Move: Fast
IM/RS: 8/75
Stamina: 10
Attack: 40
Damage: 1d4 bite plus poison
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: Colo-changing Scales
Native World/Habitat: Gran Quivera/Forests

Description:  This viper grows up to 1 meter in length, but is very difficult to spot due to its ability to blend its color with its surroundings.  While a chameleon snake stays still, it can only be spotted on a successful INT check against a score of 85.  Chameleon snakes use their camoflage both for hunting and hiding, and will strike in defense or to bring down prey.
The poison of the chameleon snake is very potent.  When bitten, a character must succeed a current STA check or be affected by a S10/T5 poison.  Even with success, the character still takes 5 damage form the poison in addition to the bite damage.