Yazirian Clans

By [[Richard Shadow Shack Rose]]

Roll d100 Planet of origin 
01-16 [[Hentz]], [[Araks]] 
17-31 [[Hargut]], [[Gruna Goru]] 
32-43 [[Athor]], [[Yast]] 
44-51 [[Hakosoar]], [[Scree Fron]] 
52-55 [[Histran]], [[Scree Fron]] 
56-70 Non-Yazirian World of Origin 
71-00Completely Untraceable

Hentz, Araks system

01-13 = "Anglann" --- a.k.a. "Family of One", a religious clan. CUrrent rulers of Yast and have held that title for over 240 years. Symbol is a seven pointed star, representing their creator 
14-16 = "Backa" a very sensitive and understanding clan. Noted for their shorter stature, 2d10cm shorter than average height. 
17-23 = "Brisara" a clan noted for their lust for flight, gliding is a past time taken very seriously and they often hold competitions. Symbol is a pair of golden wings, often printed across chest and back of any clothing worn. 
24-34 = "Gorlia" hot tempered clan, often feuds with Anglann and occassionaly challenges them for rulership. All Gorlians wear an ivory ear ring and add 5% to their Battle Rage 
35-38 = "Kesha" pranksters and jokers who love humor, get along well with Dralasites 39-46 = "Knar-Kenda" a very aggressive clan of warriors, allied with Unglann and have served them during most of their rule. Symbol is a silver star worn around the neck. 
47-52 = "Kuegla" a clan of music lovers, always carry a hand made instruement in pocket or around neck 
53-60 = "Tundaria" worshippers of the beauty of space, wear an ivory star cluster around neck or wrist. 
61-67 = "Turania" desert nomads sporting a very thin coat of fur that barely covers their skin. 
67-70 = "Vantaria" lovers of rare and valuable objects, wear a sable cloak or cape. Vantarians save 10% of their income to purchase rare goods. 
71-80 = "Zamoria" hunters noted for their animal skin wardrobes. 
81-00 = no traceable clan 

Hargut, Gruna Garu 

01-12 = "Barakha" a strong Yazirian clan noted for their stocky build, proud hard workers. No STR/STA penalty for Barakhan Yazirians 
13-28 = "Hargutia" original settlers and rulers of Hargut 
29-35 = "Khitala" a clan that favors blade weapons, members of this clan carry a slver plated blade weapon and cherish it as their prized possession (the weapon usually has a story behind it) 
36-44 = "Khordova" a highly respected warrior clan known for wearing spiked armbands, former enemies of Shurkian clan but have lived in peace with them for nearly a century 
45-48 = "Marala" sea dwelling clan able to hold breath for extended periods (#turns equal to STA) 
49-52 = "Nievara" known for their thick coats of fur adapted for colder climates, they don't tolerate heat very well (-5 STR, -10 DEX in desert climates) 
53-57 = "Nistaria" mysterious clan often seen performing odd rituals, members wear a multi-colored phosphorescent globe around neck 
58-64 = "Regaria" fierce and barbaric clan known for multiple life enemies, natural brown & tan camouflage pattern on dan (flaps) 
65 = "Rojoria" a clan that has nearly been driven to extinction by the Regarians during past feuds, noted for their deep reddish brown fur 66-72 = "Shurkia" another respected warrior clan known for their necklaces comprised of teeth removed from their slain enemies. Established the peace treaty with their former rival Khordova clan 
73-76 = "Velia" cruel and nearly evil natured clan noted for their jet black fur 
77-80 = "Xuthora" a fierce, wild, and uncivilized clan not known for using much in the way of technology. Max LOG score for a Xuthoran is 45.
81-00 = no traceable clan 

Athor, Yast 

01-18 = "Amona" a neutral minded clan that works well with any race, symbol is a gold leaf of trust 
19-20 = "Hyrkania" another clan nearing extinction thanks to space fairing mermbers cross breeding with other/non clan related Yazirians, known for their athletic build and uncanny speed & reflexes. Symbol is a silver lightning bolt, members of this clan have ambidexterity (similar to Vrusk) and human movement speeds. 
21-25 = "Ophiria" wood dwelles and nature lovers, members wear a plastic embalmed insect around their necks 
26-45 = "Pasamoria" a peace loving clan who willingly fights for freedom, noted for well groomed appearances and a feather cluster on a neck chain. If a life enemy is selected it is usually Sathar related or anyone else that threatens peace and prosperity. 
46-50 = "Styzhia" a clan of tribal "witch doctors" known for small horns growing from behind their ears and a prehensile tail capable of wielding small tools (but not weapons). 
51-65 = "Wastrala" a somewhat suicidal clan, members have a do or die mentality and when there is no hope of survival they are prone to doing extreme acts to take out their enemies with no regard to their own being. Symbol is a silver dagger worn around the neck 
66-80 = "Zigara" a warrior band known for dipping/plating their fangs and claws with metal 
81-00 = no traceable clan 

Hakosoar, Scree Fron 

01-15 = "Bakala" clan whose members are typically seen in groups of three all brandishing three weapons, symbol is a triangle 
16-40 = "Kabarla" a clan centered on the beliefs and basis of truth, justice, and law. On their homeworld they are often seen riding elegantly adorned horses, symbol is a prancing horse 
41-50 = "Polara" a clan that originated in the polar caps but have since adapted to most weather conditions, noted for their white fur 
51-65 = "Tuborga" a warlike clan known for grooming their hair into a mowhawk or top knot. 
66-80 = "Ziriya" a somewhat rational clan lacking the typical arrogant and pushy attitude amongst Yazirians, noted for dying their fur in non-natural colors 
81-00 = no traceable clan 

Histran, Scree Fron 

01-35 = "Invia" a taller breed known for their grey fur and icy blue eyes, add 2d10cm to height 
36-60 = "Norso" a religious clan that practices their "version" of human beliefs, symbol is a hexagon with a X through it. Forbidden to use weapons that shed blood, restricted to clubs and stun weapons, or non-HTH sonic arms.  
61-80 = "Venusia" seekers of beauty, love, and harmony. An unofficial clan comprised of genetic cross-breeding intervention with human genes, resulting in a mix-breed group often sporting features and abilities from both Human and Yazirian races (figure 50% chance for each Yazirian trait: flaps for gliding, battle rage, night vision, height, body fur, four knuckles, etc) 
81-00 = no traceable clan 

Non-Yazirian World of Origin 

01-10 = Roll again to indicate clan of origin, full-bred clan member transplant.
11-30 = Roll again to indicate clan of origin, half breed between two clans.  
31-60 = Roll again to indicate clan of origin, half breed from one clan, other clan untraceable. 
61-00 = No traceable clan. 
71-00 = Completely untraceable.

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