Engineer skills: Damage Control, Electrical, Ship Design, Stress Analysis

Engineer: Damage Control
(Albin Johnson/Tim Carrier)
Prerequisites: Engineering: Mechanical 1, Engineering: Nuclear 1, Machinery: Operate 1, Machinery: Repair 1
Description: See Knight Hawks. In addition to explicit Knight Hawks rules, Damage Control allows an Engineer to affect every sort of repair to a damaged or malfunctioning system onboard a ship. This could be as minor as restoring lighting or power to a section of the ship, or as major as patching hull-breaches, repairing radiation leaks, and overhauling engines.

Engineer: Electrical
(Clark Valentine)
Prerequisites: Physics level 2, proper materials, tools, and facilities
Description: This skill gives the character a chance to design and build electrical devices not covered by other skills. The time, material, and financial requirements, along with the statistics of the device (use, energy usage, etc.), are left to the referee. Note the useful potential of this skill combined with the skills: Computes: Software Engineer, the various Security Systems skills, Computers: Interface, the Robotics skills, Optics, etc.

Engineer: Ship Design
(Albin Johnson/Tim Carrier)
Prerequisites: Engineer: Hydraulic, Engineer: Mechanical, Engineer: Nuclear, Physics 1
Description: see Knight Hawks.

Engineer: Stress Analysis
(Albin Johnson/Tim Carrier)
Prerequisites: Engineer: Damage Control
Description: See Knight Hawks. In addition to the explicit Knight Hawks rules, Stress Analysis allows an Engineer to inspect a specific system of a ship and make an assessment of its chances of malfunctioning in the near future. This may be done following combat or just as a routine inspection. It cannot be done during combat. Minor systems take 1 hour to inspect, after which the roll is made; major systems take 1d10 hours. This subskill also covers the ability described in Knight Hawks pg. 13, in which an engineer can detect when an engine is about to fail from not being overhauled, and can do so in time to shut it down.

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