Infantry regiments

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December 4, 2008 - 11:56pm
Ok, here's a breakdown in RL infantry regiments. I need a break from my other project. I figure i can put a post by post breakdown of the regiment so as to make it easier to read. Ok, here goes:

Regiment-Motorized Infantry--approx. 2443 men and 149 trucks
   Contains-- 3 Battalions (motorized rifle)
                  1 Headquarters (42 men, 2 APC's and support trucks)
                  1 Tank Battalion (241 men,40 tanks, 3 APC's)
                  1 Artillery Battalion ( 321 men, 18 guns, and support trucks)
                  1 Air-Defense Battalion (64 men)
                  1 Recon Company (57 men and 12 APC's)
                  1 Anti-tank battery (57 men and 9 APC,s)
                  1 Engineer Company (70 men and trucks)
                  1 Maintenance Company (66 men and trucks)
                  1 Medical Company (37 men and trucks)
                  1 Motor-transport Company (50 men and 40 trucks)
                  1 Field Kitchen Company (27 men and vehicles)
                  1 Traffic-control Platoon (20 MP's and vehicles)
                  1 Supply and Service Platoon (12 men and vehicles)
Ok, that's the regimental list, it's just to get an idea of what we are working with. the numbers, unit types and such can be re-arranged to fit the game mold later. Who knows, if 2 regiments hit the field of battle and side A is desperate enough, they could pull out the cooks and cops and get an extra couple of platoons on the field to save there bacon. It could happen.....

As an after thought, the medics could return some units to battle after a set amount of rounds. Just thinking out loud, but it could be possible.

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December 5, 2008 - 12:04am

Now, on to the Battalions--407 men and 7 support trucks
     Contains-- 3 Motorized Rifle Companies (109 men)
                    1 Mortar Battery (48 men, 6 mortars, and vehicles)
                    1 Signal Platoon (14 men and vehicles)
                    1 Medical Section (9 men)
                    1 Supply and Maintenance Platoon (12 men)

Good news is they get shorter as I go. Once agaain, there exists the possibility of 2 platoons in reseve and replacements from medical personel.

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December 5, 2008 - 12:30am
Ok, the last 3 are quick. Here goes:

Companies-- 109 men
     Contains-- 3 Rifle Platoons (33 men)
                    1 Headquarters (9 men and 1 APC or IFV)

Next, Platoons-- 33 men
     Contains-- 3 Rifle Squads (11 men and 1 APC or IFV)
Squads-- 11 men
     Contains-- 1 Section Leader and Sub-ordinate 
                    3 Fire teams

Fire Teams-- 3 men

Ok, thats it. Some useful and some useless, but all thats outta my head now. I can already see somethings I would change now that its note just scribbled notes. Maybe working from squads up we can put together a working structure.

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w00t (not verified)
December 5, 2008 - 7:18am
I really like the Medic idea.
These are great break downs. :-)

My thoughts are to "group" this stuff together with a mechinc to come up with stats for your army.

Defense Bonus Against
Weapon Bonus Againts

Have you played the Axis & Allies miniatures game?