Possibility for a resolution system

chevelless's picture
December 5, 2008 - 9:49pm
Ok, so I usually use Zebs resolution table in my game for skills. But, lately, I'm thinking of using it just for the roll and not the butt-pain damage system. It gets annoying trying to run a fire-fight and do a fractional math quiz at the same time. That being said, while writing up the Infantry info I got to thinking. Why not use that table as a basis for the attacks in this system. Maybe each unit strength can have a basic column that they roll on. This can be modified by type of attack(ambush, charge, etc) and cover/disbursment(open field/grouped or dense forest spread out, or similar). Diffrent unit types (riflemen, grenaders,etc) start on diffrent columns, that should be rather easy to set up. When they attack--use the zebs damage quarters to see how much damage they inflict on the enemy(yellow=minimal damage/troop loss,etc). Then after each attack and casualties are taken, just move down the chart to show the loss of unit strength( a 3 man platoon rolling on -4 column--just for example).