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    134MinorSticky/Unsticky Options Fully Resolved6
    135MinorSticky Icon? Fully Resolved4
    136MinorThread Locking Fully Resolved4
    138MinorQuickLinks Manager Needs Buttons Fully Resolved0
    140MinorNumber of Downloads Fully Resolved3
    141MinorFeature request - add usertag Fully Resolved1
    142MinorErrors at top of front page. Fully Resolved5
    143MinorFeature request - add link in PM's for project announcements Fully Resolved7
    145MinorSearch Box in Support Forums Fully Resolved4
    146MinorFeature request - Print location when in General Forums Fully Resolved5
    147MinorFeature Request: Make "What's New" more prominent and graphical. Fully Resolved5
    150MinorQuickLinks Button Change Fully Resolved1
    157MinorBuddy List Button Change Fully Resolved5
    161Minor"What's New" Color Change Fully Resolved22
    168MinorNew posts not showing up in 'What's New' Fully Resolved3
    170MinorAllow ODS format uploads Fully Resolved25
    171ModerateTable Formatting Problem in Forum Fully Resolved3
    174Minordice roller driving me nuts Fully Resolved3
    175MinorInvite Ping for Chat Fully Resolved12
    194MinorLinks within posts should open new explorer windows Fully Resolved4
    195ModerateDeleted Projects Fully Resolved9
    199MinorProblem uploading .png image. Fully Resolved9
    201ModerateUploading images Fully Resolved2
    202Minorwarning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: Read error! Fully Resolved2
    204MajorLink Character Sheets to main navigation Fully Resolved3
    208ModerateChanging user name Fully Resolved17
    212MinorProfile links stacked Fully Resolved4
    215MinorThe Search Feature Isn't Working Fully Resolved7
    218MajorGuestbook "Report!" Button Fully Resolved0
    223ModerateChange Avatar Fully Resolved8