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    229MinorSpam Fully Resolved0
    230MinorSpam Fully Resolved20
    231MinorClick & Post Issue Unresolved6
    6ModerateAnnouncements count against your message quota Fully Resolved0
    11ModerateProblem when viewing guestbooks while not logged in Fully Resolved0
    13ModerateProject Managers have no control over their forums Fully Resolved0
    17ModerateDesign Docs: delete, Move, etc. Fully Resolved0
    18ModerateLogin Security Fully Resolved0
    26ModerateImprovement Request: privacy settings Fully Resolved0
    32ModerateUpload issue with the RTF editor Fully Resolved5
    33ModerateInterface Improvement: back to top of page Fully Resolved5
    34ModerateNumbered Lists Fully Resolved4
    36ModerateDocument Section Downloads Fully Resolved5
    37ModerateComments on Documents May Not Work Out Fully Resolved2
    39ModerateADD NEW button for downloads page not working Fully Resolved1
    44ModerateFatal Error during updates Fully Resolved1
    45ModerateQuotes Fully Resolved4
    49ModerateEdit Project Name? Fully Resolved3
    59ModerateSuggestion: Report! button Fully Resolved4
    62ModerateLinks Page - Banner Resize Fully Resolved4
    67ModerateSlow Page Loads Will not fix5
    93Moderateproject - uploading file with same name does not update front page Fully Resolved4
    99ModerateTurned Off PM Still Receiving Announcements, But Can't Access Them Fully Resolved2
    118ModeratePost Forwarding Fully Resolved4
    128Moderatebutton/tab that lead to the character sheet generation page. Unresolved3
    167ModerateDoc Editor and Outline Utility Weight List Mismatch Unresolved1
    171ModerateTable Formatting Problem in Forum Fully Resolved3
    188ModerateSimplify the Projects with the following... Unresolved2
    189ModerateSimplify the Site with the Following... Unresolved5
    192ModerateNew Games Notification Will not fix2