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    160MinorAdd more detail to "access denied" Unresolved4
    161Minor"What's New" Color Change Fully Resolved22
    163MinorFeature Req: Character generator special edit mode.... Duplicate0
    164MinorFeature Request: Individual Hideable Documents Unresolved5
    167ModerateDoc Editor and Outline Utility Weight List Mismatch Unresolved1
    168MinorNew posts not showing up in 'What's New' Fully Resolved3
    170MinorAllow ODS format uploads Fully Resolved25
    171ModerateTable Formatting Problem in Forum Fully Resolved3
    172MinorForum Polls Unresolved2
    173MinorProject Creation Notification Problem Unresolved0
    174Minordice roller driving me nuts Fully Resolved3
    175MinorInvite Ping for Chat Fully Resolved12
    186MinorDocument Editing Members and Document Privacy Option Unresolved0
    187MajorMerge Project Forums Unresolved11
    188ModerateSimplify the Projects with the following... Unresolved2
    189ModerateSimplify the Site with the Following... Unresolved5
    190MinorLink on 'What's New' page should take you to the new content Unresolved17
    192ModerateNew Games Notification Will not fix2
    193MinorFreature Request: Sortable columns in Private Messages Unresolved0
    194MinorLinks within posts should open new explorer windows Fully Resolved4
    195ModerateDeleted Projects Fully Resolved9
    196MinorFeature: Add input filter documentation Unresolved0
    197MinorQuestion: submit for on Guestbook entry Will not fix18
    198MinorRSS feeds Unresolved2
    199MinorProblem uploading .png image. Fully Resolved9
    200MinorPage reload after post should take you to the new post Unresolved3
    201ModerateUploading images Fully Resolved2
    202Minorwarning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: Read error! Fully Resolved2
    203MinorWhat's New - add # of new comments. Unresolved0
    204MajorLink Character Sheets to main navigation Fully Resolved3