Boneyard Station

Location: Evergleem/Triad/Cassidine
Owner: Shat Rat's Salvage
HS: III (triple extended hub)
HP: 225
Mooring Bays: 24 (HS:14 max)
Population: 3000max, 1200 regulars 
ADF: 0  MR: 0  DCR: 75
Weapons: none
Defenses: RH, MS(x2), ICM(x6)

Alarm(3), Analysis(3), Commerce(3), Communication(3), Computer Lockout(5), Computer Security(6), Damage Control(3), Industry(5), Installation Security(3), Interceptor Missile(3), Life Support(3, capacity:3K, two programs), Maintenance(3), Transportation(1)

Communication: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Intercom network
Detection: Radar (3X range), camera system
Misc. Equipment: Backup Life Support Equipment, 500x100meter external cargo net (scrap yard)
Storage: 336 units (mostly salvage parts)
Quarters: 1400 single cabins, 600 double cabins, 200 luxury cabins
Vehicles: 15 launches, 6 small launches, 12 cargo launches, 12 workpods
Emergency Vehicles: 120 lifeboats, 600 escape pods
Vruskan entrepreneur Sha-T'rtl (nick named "Shat Rat") founded the Frontier's premier and largest space ship salvage yard after having collected a large cache of used parts and hulls. Having run out of viable space to store all of his goods, he constructed Boneyard Station orbitting Triad's moon Evergleem and his business has been booming ever since. The station only has a single entry/exit bay as the opposites side of the triple hub has a large cargo net where all the scrap metal and other non-viable bits can be stored (for use as hull plate patching and fabrication purposes). 

The aft third of the hub which said net is attached houses a variety of salvaged hulls that have been collected over the years, and the bay doors are typically closed unless any large pieces of scrap need to be moved into the hub. Several launch "airlocks" are adjacent to the bay doors for access to the scrap heap. 

The middle third of the hub is reserved for customer salvage/construction, patrons may lease berthing space while they work on their resurrection projects. Various hulls can be found berthed here, either hulls purchased from the Comapny or privately owned/claimed wrecks that simply need major work.

The forward third of the hub (adjacent to the entry/exit bay doors) is for docking purposes, ships requiring repairs and Shat Rat's fleet alike can berth safely in this section. If your ship is able to move under its own power, it gets berthed in the forward section...anything else gets ferried to the mid-section.

Shat Rat maintains a small fleet of freight haulers that scour the Frontier for salvageable goods, mostly HS:5-6 freighters and his HS:18 freighter flagship. The flagship is too large to be berthed inside so when it arrives it will typically park near the station's bay doors while cargo is offloaded and will typically take a berth at neighboring Triad Station until needed again.

Shat Rat's Salvage has been a very lucrative business, and the proprietor is typically quite eager to meet with and advise any potential customers. His motto is "Good business is where you find it, and I am always looking."