Man-Yazarian Wars

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July 30, 2016 - 11:18pm
Before the evil Sathar revealed themselves as the prime enemy of the Core Four races, the sanitized version of the Frontier's early history seems to show the Humans, Vrusk, Yazarians and Dralasites living in peace and harmony under the gentle guidance of the Pan Galactic Corporation. Though the "Pan Galactic Way" did help bring the races together through mutual trade, not everything was as an old Human expression puts it "peaches and cream."

The modules "Dramune Run" and "Dark Side of the Moon" show a far darker side to the Frontier's history than just worrying about Sathar spies and a few red-neck Husps on New Pale. The (much hated) Zebulon's Guide also offers hints of dark hand dealings with its section on cadres and cults along with its timeline that seems to indicate the "Age of Adventure" was in the past.

The canon history presented noted that the Vrusk and Dralasites made contact first before the Humans contacted them and that they eventually met in the Frontier. Then the Yazarians entered the Frontier. A race of warriors with a culture of honor, but with a history of clan warfare.

Although the Humans and Yazarians get along now, was it always that case? Especially in the early days?

The Yazarians would have encountered the Humans first and some of those early encounters ended very badly. The history of these early conflicts would be sanitized by the time of the UPF, but this topic is to explore what we can call the "Man-Yazarian Wars."

Joe Cabadas