Clarion Vs Thesus

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May 7, 2015 - 4:57am
I am torn on which one should be first. I am trying to give Zebs a chance to a degree... start date will effect how things unfold in game time:

I keep changing my mind. Either can work.  Maybe both Colonizied around same time but no one know Clarion has been colonized? So the Date in Zebs is when other humans or races find them? What do you guys think?

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May 7, 2015 - 4:59am
I figure the Yazi date is similiar to this concept, they are native population, so it is not "enter" per say but when they start trading and become known to the other 3 races.
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May 8, 2015 - 4:21pm
I did both at the same time- ships from the same colony expedition separated- void jumping was not properly understood and they were lucky that only 2 out of 12 ships disappeared. Majority of ships arrived at Theseus and the rest at White Light.

There were enough ships present at Theseus to ensure a viable colony start, however the situation was very desperate on Clarion and the rule by committee of the 3 ship captains was going to be the death of the colony. One Captain seized controll and saved the colony despite the objections of other leaders. There was a general feeling that this captain should remain in command though he did not want to be a dictator. He proposed and the colony as a whole accepted that they found a constitutional monarchy. He became the founder of the Leonine dynasty and as a sop to the other leaders and aggrieved power brokers they become the nobility.

The original colony plan had called for the canabalization of the colony ships this happened to all but 1 of the ten- King Leonine decreed that one working ship would be kept to maintain a space presence and when radio contact was eventually establishe with Minotaur, the Royal Merchant Marine of Clarion were able to make the trip and re-establish contact with the rest of the colony expedition.

The Minotauran's assumed that since Clarion was so water logged and such a hard scrabble situation that its colonist would want to immigrate to Minotaur, after all, who in their right mind would want to be ruled by a king when they could be ruled by an enlightened democracy (in truth the expedition leaders had become the colony leaders and while they had nice democratic sounding titles they looked little different from the nobility of Clarion in function.

However the Clarionites were justly proud of their accomplishments and of the King and an inadvertant jibe against Clarion "Gollywog" lead to a perception that the Minotaurans looked down their noses at the citizens of Clarion and the colony rebuffed the suggestion that the Clarionites would want to immigrate to Minotaur.

Diplomatic relations stabilized over time and both colonies worked together in their own common interest. Both were having difficulty with growing food. Together they established FARM: the Frontier Aggricultural Resource Mission with the working star ship and Royal Merchant Marine's of Clarion and scientist from minotaur exploring and locating suitable planets for Aggriculture colonies. Part of the aggreement between the two colonies is that new farming colonies would govern themselves and not be a territory of one of the "mother" worlds since both contributed to their establishment. Thus Lossend, Timeon was established and another was planned at Madderly's Star.

The mission to Madderly's Star was side lined when radio signals from Fromeltar were detected. both planets were working to build new space craft and all resources were bent to locating the source of these radio messages. Vrusk, dralasites and humanity met at Cassidine and aggreed to start a new colony there to promelgate interspecies understanding- Triad (the name presented the coming together of the 3 species in peace and understanding.).

The FARM board then sent the new ag colony to Rupert's Hole and began planning for the one at Madderly's Star. unfortunately a trade house Naar which had been blocked from obtaining lucritive contracts at Triad made a play to become a conglomerate and sold all of its holding in Fromeltar and moved to Madderly's Star, establishing much infrastructure (space port, food processing plants, roads and etc) and Naar was well established when the human colonist showed up. Naar welcomed them but there was some ill feeling that the "buggs" had claim jumped.

Unfortunately for the human farmers the FARM board had some stringent requirements (attached Strings where were a philosophical legacy of the devistated environment back on Earth that had been fled by the 12 ship colony expedition) for the farmers for the stake they recieved (grain, livestock, equipment, shelters etc) that they would practice only sustainable farming practices spelled out by the FARM board. The vrusk conglomerate in contrast practiced what could be called "corporate farming" and the human farmers could not compete and were facing total impoverishment. This quickly lead to anger and hostility and eventually the Free World Rebellion.
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May 9, 2015 - 12:10pm
Thanks for sharing your background on this... I enjoyed it & gives me some ideas. I am mulling over exactly what I want to do and where my start date for game play will be exactly, but here is my most basic thoughts:

2 huge human colony ships make it to the frontier... by big I mean big. Now once the crews are awakened, ship systems failing and so on... the two captains realize they have a problem, lost in space & they need a place to get the colony going, the captains disagree about which systems to head toward... so off they go in different directions... the Theseus folks basically follow their original charter in setting up the colony, so more democratic and they hope to hear from the other colony, they are the ones who end up trying different radio tech that ends up causing first contact with Vrusk... but the other colonys' ship crew pull the Niven coupe & create a monarchy and they have no desire to contact anyone, so Clarion develops in isolation, I may include a religious aspect as well to this, the Royal House & a % of the original colonists that is part of this coupe.

I decided to add 500 years to each race's colony I declared a "first colony" (so human colonies both are 799 pf) and if it worked latter which it usually does for each colony than the Zebs non adjusted timeline discovery becomes something else, trade route opened between, in Clarion's case they will be found by other humans who thought it was an unexplored system. 

I like your idea of Triad being settled by the three races. Nice touch. Also the whole "claim jump" complaint by humans for Madderly's is nice too.

I am pretty sure my start date will be in the Age of Adventure: I will probably end up deviating massively from certain parts of the timelines down the road.
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