Faction Leaders

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July 29, 2016 - 8:12pm
Pan Galactic Corporation
Black Dougal Mackenzie-Human
STR/STA-65/65 DEX/RS-70/70 INT/LOG-60/60 PER/LDR 60/65
Racial Ability-None
PSA-Military Beam Weapons-6, Melee Weapons-4, Enviromental-4, Technician-3
Power is Teleport-can transfer three hundred beings and their equipment at a time from one spot on the planet to another instantaneously but must rest for a day before using again.
A long term employee of PGC as a manager he has never had negative quarter and has always been in the black. Hence his nickname.

Streel Corporation
Messalina Osini-Vrusk
STR/STA-55/55 DEX/RS-70/70 INT/LOG-75/75 PER/LDR-60/60
Racial Ability-Ambidexterity, Comprehension 75%
PSA-Military Beam Weapons-6, Thrown Weapons-4, Psychosocial-4, Computers-3
Power is Fascination-When she meets people she can use a mind trick to get them to accept her as a friend. This works on groups of up to three hundred.
Always a people person, she rose through the ranks of Streel without making enemies within the Streel, a very difficult thing to do.

Kinrabe Barracuda-Yazirian
STR/STA-50/50 DEX/RS-70/70 INT/LOG-75/75 PER/LDR-65/65
Racial Ability-Night Vision, Gliding, Battle Rage 60%
PSA-Military Beam Weapons-6, Martial Arts-4, Robotics-4, Medic-3
Power is Hallucinations-He can cause beings to see things which are not there. Works on groups of any number.
Fully into the CDC philosphy he is known for his great love of glide surfing.

Simon Fitzgerald-Dralasite
STR/STA-85/85 DEX/RS-70/65 INT/LOG-65/65 PER/LDR-65/65
Racial Abiltiy Elasticity, Lie Dtection 50%
PSA Military Beam Weapons-6, Melee Weapons-4, Computers-4, Robotics-3
Power is Ion Waves-These waves soothe the fears and raise the hopes of all those around him causing them to strive and fight harder
Much more of a debater than a joker he is also very large for a Dralasite. This has always given those around him a confidence boost

Nesmith Enterprises
Ariton Sessedi-Human
STR/STA-60/60 DEX/RS-70/65 INT/LOG-65/65 PER/LDR-60/65
Racial Ability-None
PSA Military Beam Weapons-6, Gyrojet Weapon-4, Computers-4, Robotics-3
Power is Telepathy-He can send his thoughts out and recieve thoughts of others out to 5 times planetary orbit
Always a dreamer, he was the rare one who could put them into action.

Synthetics Corporation
Catherine Braganza-Yazirian
STR/STA-60/60 DEX/RS-60/60 INT/LOG-75/75 PER/LOG-60/60
Racial Ability-Night Vision, Gliding, Battle Rage 90%
PSA Military Beam Weapons-6, Demolitions-5 Environmental-6
Power is Lightning-She can call down lightning from the sky capable of injuring hundreds
She spent her early years leading teams deep into unexplored places to find new product for her megacorporation. She is more comfortable fighting for her life than giving holoslide presentations in the board room. She is also more than a little crazy and easily goes into battle rage.

Universal Household
Nureb Khan Edistyn-Dralasite
STR/STA-70/70 DEX/RS-60/60 INT/LOG-80/80 PER/LDR-60/60
Racial Ability-Elasticity, Lie Detection 50%
PSA-Military Beam Weapons-6, Projectile Weapons-4, Medic-4, Computers-3
Power is Precognition-Able to see the immediate future and choose the best path to proceed
Always the prankster, it somehow never hurt anyone's feelings, like it knew somehow who to trick

Imirrhos (Planet Natives)
STR/STA-60/60 DEX/RS-60/60 INT/LOG-60/60 PER/LDR-90/90
Racial Ability-Lay of the Land-90%
PSA-Military Proectile Weapons-6, Psychosocial-5, Environmental-5
Power is Charisma-He is so well loved by his people they will follow him anywhere and fight to the death.
Born and raised to lead his people, when the UPF colonists came he instinctively knew fighting them would destroy his people. Accepting the UPF colonists has brought many benefits to his people and they all thank him for it.

United Planetary Federation Landfleet
Colonel Ward Serpentine-Human
STR/STA-70/7 DEX/RS-70/70 INT/LOG-70/70 PER/LDR-90/95
Racial Ability-None
PSA Military Beam Weapons-6, Melee Weapons-6, Projectile Weapons-6
No Special Powers

Sathar Invasion Force
Margon the Invincible-Sathar
STR/STA-70/70 DEX/RS-50/50 INT/LOG-60/60 PER/LDR-90/90
Racial Ability-Hypnotism-target makes a LOG check at minus 25 or is controlled by Margon
PSA-Military Beam Weapons-6, Projectile Weapons-4, Martial Arts-4, Technician-4
Power is Hypnotism-see racial ability rules

Note all of the leader command a Power Infantry Battalion in addition to listed forces except for Mirrhos who commands an Elite Native Battalion and Margon who commands a Laser Tank Battalion.

Note the powers of the leaders are based on a large scale wargame. They can be adjusted down for roleplaying
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