Outline of Events

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July 29, 2016 - 12:48pm
Using the scenarios from the board game, here is the basic way things should play out in a long term campaign. This of course can be adjusted for your events down to even a quick on night game.

There is constant posturing and occasional skirmishes between the seven megacorporations and infrequently with the Imirrhos. One of the megacorporations takes one of these incidents and escalates it into an all-out attack on one of the others or the Imirrhos. The attacking megacorporation is one of those secretly controlled by the Sathar.

After some battles, the rest of the megacorporations are drawn into the war, until there is fighting over the entire planet. This will include the Imirhos. Also various mercenary groups will be brought in to assist both sides.

Eventually the war will come to a draw but this is part of the plan. Once the megacorporations have ben hurt and all forces are weak. the Satahr will lead an inasion force to take control of the planet. They will have the loyalty of those megacorporations who started the war since Sathar agents will have been working hard to convert all of those forces to accept them.

After a desparate holding action, UPF Landfleet troops will arrive to bolster their side. Before the Sathar invasion UPF policy is to just let the megacorporations fight it out as long as they do not use weapons of mass destruction or cause major disruptions of trade.

How the final battle ends will be up to the Gamemaster and how the player characters influenced the fighting.
Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?