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May 15, 2016 - 2:00pm
Okay I am working on Volturnus...

Changes I am making: 1 Volturnus is what triggers SWI. The Frontier becomes aware of the Sathar becuase of events on Volturnus, which is followed by a Sathar attack at the Frontier. This pushes Volturnus adventure serries into PF time. Note: I will have to avoid using the word Sathar until the Eorna tell PC's about Sathar. PC's will have no pre-knowledge of Sathar, their tech or bioforms.

In reviewing the various timeline ideas, articles and the modules: 

The endings change what happens to Gord & Jameson, well Gord is found dead in SF-1 and Jameson is rescued by the Eorna from the pirates as a hook, but if you ended the "adventure" with SF-0 everyone lives! And other unspecified people would have to end up dead or captive latter in SF-1 if you then continued the adventure.

I think I want to tweek this a bit. I would like not all but 1 guy to get wacked from the First Exploration Team, which then made me think about this team.

Lieutenant Colonel Louis V. Jameson (TSR officer, Human Male) 
Grod (the Dralasite)
Tomar (implied becuase of Tomar's Horse)
Professor Alorne Zebulon (as he was suppose to be the first guy to explore Volturnus)

Now I do not want to kill the good Professor as he needs to start an University, so he should get rescued I think some place after SF-0.

SF-2 optional intro... so Truane's Star sends a scout ASAP with RedShirts I mean PCs... this means Jameson and who ever gave TSR a heads up on an attack on Zebulon System is probably present on Volturnus.

I should probably work up some bio's, additional personel that would have been sent even if in the story line some are killed. 

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May 16, 2016 - 5:52pm
Yes, I agree that you don't want to kill Alorne Zebulon duirng the Volturnus adventure. He has to found his wonderous university.

I imagine the guy becoming a bit like P.T. Barnum -- using lots of ballyhoo to promote himself and his causes.
Joe Cabadas

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May 16, 2016 - 7:07pm
Yes, I agree he has to be a charismatic person able to spin a good yarn that suck all in, put on a good show. I wonder if he has to be a he even, could be a she?

I think Alorne has to be wandering around the planet... now once he/she is "rescued" Alorne somehow will get credit for finding most everything, being a hero and once Alorne suggest a University, TSR will jump at that and probably Streel as that would create a rival school to PLU and would be a status symbol and UPF by then will see strategic value of the University/Colony in Zebulon.

I am thinking Alorne migh need to replace Jameson in SF-1, thus he/she gets to hob snob with the Eorna first.
 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."