Truane's Star... Rough Draft

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Truane’s Star System:


Circa 4 PF is the beginning of the campaign.


System Data

by Archange1Michael



System Primary: Truane's Star

Spectral Type: G7

Color: Orange-Yellow

Habitable Planets: Pale, New Pale

Other Planets: Gopruto, Pacinice, Larras, Hammilwort, Tiberon

Other System Objects: Asteroid Belt, the moons around the gas giant Hammilwort are planet sized.


Human citizens of Truane’s Star Republic are called Truani by other Humans.


Humans in 200 PF discovered the Truane’s Star System and explored the system, two habitable planets where found. There are several gas giants and many moons in the system as well. Touted "the far end of the Frontier" until Truane's Star became an important link in the Zebulon Pass through the Lesser Morass and the Xagyg Dust Nebula to the Rim Sector.


Dixon's Star - 5 LY

Zebulon - 5 LY - through the "Zebulon Corridor"


From 200 PF to 5 PF Pale and New Pale had separate governments. Pale was the first local planet colonized because of its great mineral wealth. New Pale was settled by humans to supply food to Pale, but was settled second due to dangerous fauna and the need for corporate backing from Pan-Galactic Corporation to provide the colonists with a better chance of survival. The governments of these two neighboring worlds were independent of each other, yet cooperated well. Pale knew its existence depended on the continuation of food supply shipments from New Pale, the cheapest available external

food source. New Pale relied on this demand for its food as its main source of income. However as the planets developed their divergent paths and demographics of their populaces led to conflict.


The 9 Year War (The New Pale War) and the Formation of the Truane’s Star Repbulic:

Background to the War:

20 PF: Pale was struck by the worst quake in the planet's history. Two major cities were destroyed, thousands were killed, and it plummeted Pale into a recession as the colonists poured all resources into the recovery. Production on the planet took a drastic decline.

20 PF: New Pale starts taking in refugee families from Pale but many refugees are not Human. A majority of humans on New Pale were HUSPs (a slang term for persons believing in a racist political philosophy called Human Superiority). The HUSPs preferred this racially isolated planet and didn’t want it contaminated. The New Pale Colony was a private corporation colony with a very controlled immigration and settlement policies in it’s charter that were designed to protect Pan-Galactic Corporation’s interests, however Pan-Galactic Corporation agrees to the temporary suspension of the charter’s immigration laws in agreement with the New Pale Government as a sentientarian act.

19 PF: Star Devil Pirates appear and begin preying on cargo ships.

16 PF: Pale had rebuilt, however market conditions had changed in the Frontier and there was an overabundance of resources on the market lowering demand causing a depression. New Pale, as a result begins to receive an influx of illegal immigrants from Pale. The Pan-Galactic Corporation though initially open to helping the refugees from Pale by allowing them to live on New Pale began viewing the quake victims as a threat to Pan-Galactic’s control over the colony as they where not returning to Pale and instead more where Pale citizens where illegally entering New Pale. Pan-Galactic was not happy about “squatter settlements” forming near the refugee camps they had no control over. The Pan-Galactic Corporation however could not take direct action to relocate the refugees or the “squatters” forcibly back to Pale without jeopardizing their business relations with non-Humans. New Pale’s Husp Human sympathizers continued to grow, as the other races poured in and racial tensions increased. Major terrorist attacks on Pale industrial targets and refugees on New Pale by HUSP occur. Pale began a military mobilization for defense. The New Pale government objected to these terrorist attacks and Pale’s mobilization but takes no action to protect Pale refugees on New Pale. Pan-Galactic Corporation begins viewing HUSP activities as a means to an end to regain control of their colony.

15 PF: A food transport to Pale was sabotaged. HUSP, a predominantly human faction opposed to the 'oppression and manipulation' of New Pale by the Pale government, took credit for the attack. Pale citizens were outraged and terrified, an attack on food supplies was an attack on their very survival. They demanded action. Pale increased their military presence by sending many ships to New Pale. These ships were there only for protection of vital food shipments, but the citizens of New Pale protested loudly. The Pale Republic begins contracting with Streel Corporation to transport food supplies on their cargo ships instead on Pan-Galactic’s ships. By 15 PF Streel completely controls all mining operations on Pale. Aware of this, the Star Devil approached the Pan-Galactic Corporation and worked out an agreement with it. The Star Devil, using bases in the Gruna Goru, Prenglar, and Dixon.s Star systems, ran weapons shipments from Wartech Corporation to the HUSPs on New Pale. Pan-Galactic financed the cost of the weapons, while the Star Devil furnished the ships. Gun-running proved profitable for both PGC and the Star Devil, allowing the latter to become a potent force. This activity went on from 14 to 5 PF.

14 PF: Star Devil begins targeting Streel ships specifically. The second food shipment was destroyed in a bombing at New Pale's major Space port. This caused Pale to move their military presence planetside, as a "colonial protection" force. No one took credit for the bombing and rumors spread rapidly. Many believed that forces on Pale were responsible; the attack gave them the excuse to have forces planetside. New Pale began mobilizing their military as well, to 'assist' in the protection of food supplies. Residents of Pale were becoming very nervous of the situation, and the second exodus of population started; a war seemed inevitable and no one wanted to be stuck on Pale with no food. The inevitable happened; despite diplomatic attempts, Pale and New Pale forces clashed and the two planets were at war. The war was fought primarily through terrorist tactics, as the New Pale military was no match Pale's numbers. Food shipments were attacked often. This led to a few pitched battles over rich agricultural centers on New Pale.

PF 5: The war between Pale and New Pale ended. For years, Streel poured millions of the company's profits into the war effort, making an effort to end the war (and no doubt to further its relations with the government of Truane's Star). Confronted by an army of far superior quantity and quality, the HUSPs were soon crushed out of existence, despite the best efforts of PGC and the Star Devil to save them. The HUSP faction was caught and their leaders convicted of murder. The few remaining factions were wiped away as well. The New Pale military surrendered soon after; the cease-fire was surprisingly civil. The 'undesirable' faction of New Pale's government was replaced, and the two planet's relations began a slow improvement. New Pale became a stabilized planet. Its new government then joined Pale’s, and the two began united rulership of the Truane’s Star system as the Truane’s Star Republic (TSR). Recovery from the war is proceding very well. The new Truane's Star Republic and the Streel corporation continue to cooperate closely. Pan-Galactic Corporation’s involvement in the war remains unknown. Pan-Galactic continues to control large portions of New Pale. The militia ships of the Pale Republic (PRSS) and New Pale (NPSS) in 5 PF become a combined militia of the Truane’s Star Space Ships (TSSS). Private corporations are still allowed to continue to have security forces (including Corporate security escort ships) due to importance of products and some cargos being transported and the known activities of pirates. Pan-Galactic’s pripority, property and contract rights are recognizied by the new Truane’s Star Government but Pan-Galactic has lost political control of New Pale completely. New Pale can no longer be viewed as a private corporate colony. Financly though Pan-Galactic owns most of the agricultural interests on the planet and many colonists are still Pan-Galactic employees thus it is still very powerful on New Pale.







Moons:  3

Dan (Colonized industrial/mining)

Joe (Military Base)

Sven, a dead lifeless rock with a communications outpost and separate military observation/listening post.


Distance from Star: 175,597,870km

Climate Range: Low humidity temperature frozen cold at the poles to warm at the equator. Atmosphere: 60% nitrogen 24% oxygen 16% other gasses.

Gravity: 0.9


5 PF: (Human 65%) Core Four

Diameter: 11,004 kilometers

Length of Day (hours): 50

Average Surface Temp: 15 C

Native Life: No sentient native life. No large fauna.

Primitive plant life: lichens, mosses, and algae. Some ferns near the equatorial regions. The forests of Pale are great giant ferns, horsetail type plants.


Political and Cultural Aspects:

Prior to 5 PF Pale is ruled by the Pale Republic. As of 5 PF Pale becomes one of the planets ruled by Truane’s Star Republic and the Capitol planet of that government. As Pale started as a Human Colony, laws, traditions and culture on this colony tend to reflect a Human centric view, however Pale developed minority legal system adaptations for the other races early in it’s history. With strike after strike finding valuable minerals, the Pale colony grew very quickly with new immigration daily. Prior to 5 PF Pale’s monetary system was the Pale Dolmar with various other systems accepted only through exchange systems offered by the banking institutions. As of 5 PF Truane’s Star Republic began issuing the TSR Dolmar and phasing out the Pale Dolmar by converting all Pale Dolmars to TSR Dolmars. The Pale Dolmar and the TSR Dolmar have the same value in Truane’s Star Republic Space. Banking institutes in TSR space voluntarily converted the Pale Dolmar accounts to TSR Dolmars and stop issuing Pale Dolmars. Over the next 5 years Banks will accept Pale Dolmars as TSR Dolmars. Truane’s Star Republic hopes to have the Pale Dolmar completely phased out of circulation in this 5 year period. Banks outside of TSR space have agreed to similar rules. Pan-Gal and Vrusk/Dralasite trade Credits along with Yazirian Trade Strips and various individual world currencies are still accepted by TSR banking bodied and considered a valid monetary form but they must be exchanged through a banking exchange rate system to TSR Dolmars, as the average private businesses on planets and bases only accept TSR Dolmars in TSR space.  The few exceptions would be minority communities, or corporation run settlements will accept and issue their races or corporations currency.

Pale colonists are referred to as “Palis” (pronounced “pailees”). Official language of Pale before the New Pale War was Truani human (a language that developed from multiple influences of different human groups colonizing Pale.) After the war the official languages in Truane’s Star Republic became Truani & Pan-Galactic.



Planet Description

(Physical and Geographical Aspects)

Pale is a mountainous world occupying the third orbit from the sun. Pale is a cold planet with seasons defined only by the movement of polar ice over its equatorial oceans. Pale appears red from space. Pale started as a wildcat Human mining colony almost immediately after it’s discovery but soon grew into an industrial center. Human colonist first came from the Prenglar, Cassidine and Theseus Systems. Though the Humans were the primary settlers on Pale; two centuries prior to the foundation of the UPF; Pale rapidly became home to significant populations of all of the Four Races by 20 PF. There are numerous population centers on the planet, the most notable is the capital City of Point True where by 2 FY Streel Corporation Headquarters dominates the skyline with a 500 story triple tower mega skyscraper complex.


Native Creature:


TYPE: Small Omnivore

NUMBER: 1-5MOVE: Fast (80 meters/turn)IM/RS: 5/50STAMINA: 40ATTACK: 50 (Base Column +5)DAMAGE: 1d5 Bite (5 Cobalt)



NATIVE WORLD: Pale (Truane's Star) – forests

Description: Depending on who you ask, fiktif are viewed as either wonderfully amusing creatures or the bane of all who come into contact with them. These four-winged amphibian fliers have the ability to imitate virtually any speaker of larynx-based languages in the Frontier. They can recall long passages of speech, up to three minutes in length. Fiktif developed this skill in the trees and rivers of Pale where they parrot predatory calls to ward off their natural enemies. They are not overly bright and do not understand even the simplest spoken command. Other than this limited skill, fiktif seem relegated to flying and swimming in their cages. 


by 9GreY1



New Pale


Moons: 0

Distance from Star: 149,597,870km

Climate Range: Warm temperatures, high humidity

Atmosphere: 60% nitrogen 24% oxygen 16% other gasses.

Gravity: 1.4


By 5 PF: 85% Human, Core Four

Diameter: 15,000 kilometers

Length of Day (hours): 23.94

Average Surface Temp: 30 C

Native Life: No sentient native life but home to a great variety of flora and fauna in a variety of species. Many of them large and dangerous.



(Political and Cultural Aspects)

All of New Pale is ruled by a single government prior to 5 PF. The system is governed from New Pale was a representative democracy on all things not involving Pan-Galactic Corporations actual business. New Pale was a Pan-Galactic Human Colony until 5 PF. As of 5 PF it becomes part of the Truane’s Star Republic. Prior to 5 PF New Pale’s currency was the Pan-Galactic Trade Credit. As of 5 PF New Pale officially only recognizes the TSR Dolmar as it’s legal currency, but unofficially the PGT Credit is still accepted in many places and Pan-Galactic Corporation employees are still paid in PGTC. Colonists from New Pale are called “Newps”. Official Languages of New Pale: Prenglari human & Pan-Galactic prior to end of the New Pale War, after the New Pale War Truani & Pan-Galactic became the official languages.



Planet Description

New Pale is an Earth-like planet rich in vegetation and animal life. However, this planet is far more dangerous than Pale; huge, vicious dinosaurs roam its plains, jungles, and skies, very much

like prehistoric Earth. New Pale appears green from space orbiting fifth from the sun. New Pale began as a private Corporation Colony of the Pan-Galactic Corporation it was originally colonized in 195 PF using Human colonists predominantly from the Prenglar System. The Human culture connection between Gran Quivera and New Pale was very strong. The Capital city is Truane City built on Triad’s city plan. New Pale grew more slowly as it was a challenge to farm on as the gravity was so heavy, the wildlife a constant threat and unlike Pale which had an open immigration policy Pan-Galactic Corporation controlled all settlement activities and approval of all colonists but in a few generations the colony was well established.


New Pale is considered one of the most fertile farming colonies in the Frontier, producing a seasonal bounty that provides a vast amount of exportable foods for sale throughout the Frontier and use on Pale; ranging from grains to various types of cattle.


The surface is covered in vast jungles. More than half of the farming output is shipped off planet in system ships owned by Streel Corporation (by 5 PF) for use on Pale where various farming companies, corporations, and grange associations must compete for market share in the agricultural commodities market. Remaining stores are exported fresh or frozen for trade throughout the Frontier. The high profit margin on these exports provides the people of New Pale with a thriving economy.




Truane’s Star Republic System Government:

The Truane’s Star system has a system wide Republic governing both planets. After the New Pale War Truane’s Star Republic was modeled after Pale’s old Republic laws and the new government became a republic with divided powers and a solid set of laws to be their government. They have three official branches of government: a legislative body composed of 2 houses, an executive with two Consuls and a high court.

Wealthy landowners are allowed to fill the upper house called The Senate. There are 50 senate seats (25 from each planet) elected every 6 years. To add a candidate to the ballot costs one million credits, paid to the government treasury and the fee must be put forth by a private citizen landowner, not a corporation (Although the CEO of Streel is a wealthy landowner). After the vote, the candidates who take the most votes from 1st to 51st are elected. Any number of candidates may take part in this senate race.


The second house is the Plebiscites. These are voted on by district and they serve for 3 years. There are 221 districts between both planets. Population level was not a consideration when these districts were formed. The citizens of the planets vote on the Senators and the Plebes. Any citizen can run for Plebe in his/her own district, the price of putting yourself on this ballot is 1000 credits.


The executive branch is composed of the Consuls. There are 2 of these Consuls and they must make joint decisions on everything. If a law is sent through legislation it must be passed by both Consuls.


The third branch is the Court of the People. The court’s composition varies based on the Judges chosen by the Senate and Plebiscites and approved by the Consuls. Usually the 5 to 9 judges are chosen for 10 years. Besides seeing that the law is correct, the Judges choose the Consuls, one from the Senate and one from the Plebes. In times of emergency a dictator is chosen from the military for a period of six months. The dictator is allowed to prosecute a war or handle a natural disaster only. If a dictator exceeds his bounds or granted powers during his/her tenure, he or she can be tried for high crimes after the emergency has past.


Artificial Satellites

Prior to the First Sathar War:

A trading station named Pale Point Station is the major mercantile station in the System. Almost anything can be bought here, if the price is right.


Granger Point Station is a Space Station orbiting New Pale. It is usually the first stop for agricultural products coming from New Pale to all points. There is a lot of freighter traffic here.


After the First Sathar War:



Other Planets or bodies

by ziggy90lisa


Gopruto Distance from star 40,078,898km Radius 2,038km


Pacinice Distance from star 59,298,399km Radius 4,934km


Asteroid Belt Distance from star 222,898,078km Many of the asteroids are large enough to land on


Larras Distance from star 826,840,962km Radius

52,371km Gas Giant. Has four small satellites, Drake, Bobby, Newton, and Biff.


Hammilwort Distance from star 3,470,338,706km Radius

172,920km Gas Giant. Has 3 planet-sized satellites around it, named Rocky, Winky, and Vena. (left intentionally not described for referee use.)


Tiberon Distance from star 7,624,487,995km Radius 121,000km Gas Giant Resources


Cygnus Omicron (I am going to designate Cygnus Omicron another system… )



by dagorym

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