Where is Janus?

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June 26, 2015 - 11:46am
This is one of those head scratchers... I gave the system Janus is in the name Geminus (a title of the God Janus, that touches on the fact that he probably started as a twin being). The Star is suppose to be a yellow Sol type.

The original material also states it is a bit off the main star routs, near someplace called Gergonise (I am thinking a system or planet with higher colonization level and space travel, so probably the route to Janus is from that point) & Janus's sun is near "the cluster".

So Formad Cluster?

Is there a Cluster off map?

Do I junk the Cluster and just put it will it will work better?
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June 28, 2015 - 3:14am
If its Formad clust than it should be dominated by Rim races. and that cluster is actually 3 sets of binaries
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June 28, 2015 - 10:10am
I agree with you on the Rim thought until I realized "close" in the module Janus is specifically 22 systems from the Spiral Cluster AKA M34 a real Cluster. So no matter what Cluster we use, one off the map of the one on the map, that ain't close by SF standards.

Now that could mean Janus is on the edge of our map with the "Spiral Cluster" off the map, 22 systems is a prety good haul as far as jumping goes. Janus could also be just off the published map, in which case we should discuss what we want where.

Janus is listed as having a sol type yellow sun but I am open to changing the system to a binary system the Suns of the system could be knicked named the Twins but officially called Geminus Alpaha and Geminus Beta. It could stay on the map in this scenerio with the cluster in question becoming less relvant the cluster it is off map. If we put a second "cluster" off map and start expanding the map we could rename the Spiral Cluster after the author of the module.

Now if the Cluster is identified instead as Formad, Janus is still 22 Systems away which no matter how I fiddled with the published maps puts Janus off the map and pretty much any direction we want to go. The location of Gergonise also needs some thought it is implied that is how you get to Janus, Gergonise maybe a planet or system and could be in Rim space or not. 

The system Janus is in is suppose to be off the beaten space routes. 

So do any of these ideas sound better than others?

I was originally going to have Janus & Gergonise become plague worlds, that is still an option, but Janus has some fun critters and potentials and I sort of junked that idea in favor of a planet in post UPF forming timeline maybe after Rim contact?

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