Computers and Robotics

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August 7, 2014 - 5:28am
Ok This is 1/2 about conversion and 1/2 about updating computers.

Here's my thoought:

A computer's level in SF is based on its function points with then determines is Mass in KG as well.

I'm thinking to simply go with Body comps, lap tops, main frames of different levels and prices and the level of computer determines the ammount of funciton points. the item determines mass thus a level 1 lap top and a level 4 lap top have identical mass. A level 1 or 2 body comp or lap top would be starting PC equipment that they would want to spend money to exchange for a higher level computer latter.

All of the projits for body comps would be downloadable to chronocoms and body comps, Type A progits take 1 fp, type B progits use 2 fp and so on. A basic chronocom would have all the features listed for it in the equipment list but a more expensive model would have some function points for downloading body comp progits.

Body comps would come as Bracers, Helmets, and Belts level of body comp would determine the ammount of fp points and thus how many progits it could download and use.

Body comps might also be able to run a limited ammount of or limited level of regular computer programs so that the computer tech could be walking around with a high level bracer body comp and perform hacking operations.
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