SWoN Star ship conversion discussion

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April 19, 2014 - 2:08pm
Looking over the SWoN rules for star ships I think its important to remember that SWON is more of an abstract game and KHs is a board game. How well SWON can function as a board game I'll test in the near future.

There are two tracks that a referee can take for converting Star Frontiers to SWoN:

1. simply use the star ships rules from swon as presented and ignore KHs. a fighter is a fighter, a frigate is a frigate, an assault scout is a patrol craft (pretty much the same for corvettes), a cruiser is a cruiser, a carrier is a carrier, and a battleship is a battleship. Swon I dont see why Star Frontiers couldn't be played just using the Swon rules once character creation issues are dealt with (oh and BTW they have been Dealt with just see FE #8 coming out soon)

2. However a purist might argue that since the methods of ship propulsion are different and the methods of interstellar travel are different that that KHs technologies should be converted to use the Swon system. At first glance this would look to be rather easy since as pointed out there is a lot of crossover between ships in these systems and some features of Swon mimic the effects of Minimum hull size in KHs.

My one major concern is that there is some fiddliness to KHs with electron screen, proton screen, electron beam, proton beam weapons/defenses mix. My gut feeling is that perhaps these should be simplifed some. since Swon is more abstract the Sf conversion to it could probably stand to simply be disrupter beams and a screen for that and ignore the proton and electron variants. and keep everything else in the KHs arsenal. (I would also advocate for taking a good hard look at the Swon arsenal and keeping much of it two.

Also I was thinking to preserve the deliniation of civilian vs military hulls. This is actually fairly easy since Swon lists hard points and free space for adding weapons and thus we simply list civilian hulls as having fewer hard points, hit points and a cheaper costs as apposed to a military design.

I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!