Who's running things at NES

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August 15, 2013 - 12:11pm


Megacorp- Nesmith Enterprises of Triad

Race- Unknown

Homeworld- Unknown)

Megacorp Headquarters- Malicon Valley, Triad, Cassidine

Public History-Four friends, who met as college roommates at TIT (Triad Institute of Technology), each of which were a different member of the core four races found they shared a true love of computers. Each specialized in a different area; hardware, software, interconnectiveness (communications) and bodycomps. Dedicating themselves to graduating and then starting a small company they forsworn family and friends and worked to build the greatest, fastest and safest computers and communications gear around. After their dream of Nesmith Enterprises of Triad became a reality the four friends found that running the company took too much time away from their real love of working with the technology. Turning the company over to a board of directors they left to create ever more exciting products. But they left a mandate behind. They did not want to be disturbed in their work. They knew they needed to not only hide but to hide under layers. So they detailed that not only were they and their location to be hidden but the identities of the top level executives were to be hidden so that no one could find the four friends through them. Thus the secrecy of Nesmith Enterprises of Triad began.

Real History-The possibilities of what is going here are very interesting. So listed a few:

1)      The obvious answer is that the computers have taken over the company and are running things from behind closed doors sorta.

2)      The UPF controls NES. Well one of their intelligence agencies anyway. It started as a cover and slowly grew and grew. Funding from UPF coffers helped plus lots of inside information.

3)      When the great Mechanon evacuation happened, not all of them hated living beings or agreed with the policies of their people. Some went into the Frontier and finding not exactly a welcome, made the most of it by using their advanced skills in computers and communications.

4)      (Personal Favorite) The actual founder and head of Nesmith Enterprises of Triad is a Vimh. Whether is the actual starting point of the Vimh or whether an educated Vimh runs things with a family of fellow educated Vimh is up in the Air.

5)      A Sathar is running the company. NOT the Sathar but one lone Sathar who tired of the Sathar way of life and wanted some of the good life he found in the Frontier. Using his advanced hypnosis skills he created a loyal group and formed NES.

6)      The four friends actually did retreat to work on projects and set up a shadow council.

Present- The UPF and Star Law have no reason to suspect anything terrible is happening at NES and they depend on NES to keep the computer networks of the Frontier and the inter and intra planetary communications nets free from hackers and Sathar attacks. So at present they allow them to carry on despite not knowing who is in charge. It hasn’t hurt their stock any.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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August 26, 2016 - 9:08am
I've seen another write up or two about who is running Nesmith -- including a Sathar -- but I do like this one. Or, maybe a Vimh and a disgraced Sathar have teamed together? ... Nah, probably too many clashing interests.
Joe Cabadas

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September 6, 2016 - 11:45am
I like the computers have taken over, or rather a robotic brain? That believes it has transcended to level 7. Something like the ultimate antagonist in "I, Robot"

Which like the story in "I, Robot" suggests a star law adventure. Murder & mayhem on Triad.

Note to self: i like the sound of "Murder and Mayhem" it would make a nicely alliterated title for something.
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