Hepplewhite Crash: Sample Adventure

This is the mini-adventure from the Alpha Dawn Expert rulebook.

Sample Adventure

Mission. A ship that has been missing for several days is believed to have crashed into the planet. The characters must locate the ship, rescue any survivors and find out why the ship crashed.

Start. An aerial search spotted a grove of barren trees that might have been burned in a fire started by the ship. The Ship could not be seen from the air. The characters are landed near the barren trees and given a homing device that can detect the ship's emergency beacon. The air car will return in 20 hours.

1. BarrenTree. The Trees in this area are bare and look as though they were burned. Smaller trees, low plants and shrubs are not damaged, however. The homer will pick up the ships beacon to the southeast where the characters can see something that looks like billowy clouds just above the trees.

2. Radio Beacon.
The ship's emergency beacon is snagged in a tree, 10 meters above ground. After the character find the beacon five strangler chutes will blow into the area and one will settle on the tree that holds the beacon. If any character fails to evade the chute's filaments, he is caught and must be freed by his companions. The wind is blowing from the southwest, so the beacon could have drifted from that direction.

3. Stream. this stream is 5 meters wide. Characters will noitice an oil slick on the opposite side, drifting down stream.

4. Mire and Slither. Large patches of oil are floating on top of the muddy water in this swamp. There are several dry mounds of land the characters can stand on, but one of them is a slither. The characters can see a flock of winged rippers over the trees to the west.

5. Bodies. The bodies of two Yazirians in Hepplewhite, Inc., work uniforms are lying here. They have been dead several days. Thirty winged wippers will attack if the characters approach the bodies. The Yazirian's medkit still contains three doses of biocort, two stimdoses and one dose of omnimycin.

6. The Spaceship Wreck. The wrecked ship is crashed into the side of a hill and buried beneath vines and plants. Oil and vapors are leaking from the exposed engines. The entry hatch is blown open, but is hidden beneath churned up plant vines.