Synthetics Corporation

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December 30, 2012 - 7:37pm

Synthetics Corporation

SynthCorp provides the vast amount of natural and synthetic food, beverages, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical needs to the Frontier. It owns many agricultural co-ops, vast manufacturing facilities, and dozens of laboratories. Almost all independent agricultural and diary operations deal with SynthCorp. Amazingly, they are all on very good terms and SynthCorp has the best reputation for fairness and quality of any mega-corp.

Headquarters: Synthtown, Inner Reach, Dramune

Chief Executive: Krondot (Dralasite)

Subsidiaries: ByChem, thousands of small and middle-sized companies


These guys are the opposite of Streel. Everyone loves them and gets along with them. They make the cupcakes and aspirin and organic steaks and laxatives and everything else you might want to put into yourself. These guys are the Nabisco and Bayer and McDonalds rolled into one and who doesn’t love these guys. It is nice to see that one of the megacorps is doing good out there.

On the other hand Nabisco owns RJR Nabisco and makes smoking sticks but denies they do anything bad to young Vrusk lungs. Bayer has that whole tested stuff on Nazi concentration camp prisoners and whose pesticide is believed to be causing Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bees. Do I have to talk about McDonalds?

So who are they really? What is their true face? Can they be as nice as chocolate covered gumdrops (which they make) and not have a Vrusk exoskeleton or dried Dralasite skin or Yazirian flaps hanging in their labs? Just for testing purposes ya’know.

Now for the different departments in the Synthetics Corp megacorp:

Subsidiaries: Most of the dealings with the public are done through the many subsidiaries. Synthetics does however keep more control their subsidiaries then most megacorps. This is of course to maintain the highest possible standards of customer service.

Bychem: This is the pharmaceutical part of Synthetics. When dealing with medications they leave the race specific drugs to the hospitals and universities of that race. What they make are the general medications which can be used by all races. They also make the minor injury treatment items (band aids, splints, ointments) again for generic races.

Research: This division is kept in house. Even the simplest recipes are treated like the KFC original recipe. This is one of the secrets to their success. If everyone knew how they did things they would quickly lose their edge. Since they are involved in so many different areas they have many many different labs and all are very secure. The Security keeps a number of the times they have caught spies trying to steal from them and the lab they broke into was working on new icing recipes.

Resource Supply Liaisons: These are the ones who go out and find and evaluate all the raw materials (crops and other things) from the independents. These beings are specially selected and trained for their ability to deal with other using low pressure and pleasant tactics. They also have very large expense accounts to wine and dine clients.

Manufacturing: Here are the makers of everything. Given their reputation you can say that there are lines of beings wanting to work for them. They have the best working conditions and benefits packages.

Farm Bureau: These ain’t your big red barn kinda places. These are industrial farms mass producing everything needed to feed the masses. Of course they are located everywhere and in many places you would not expect like hot houses under arctic icecaps and on ag ships in orbit. Sometimes it is easier to create a growing environment that constantly ship in the needed ingredients.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?