GODco, terraforming and conflict

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January 13, 2012 - 7:11am
GODco is a young Mega corp,
Zebs Guide wrote:
CDC funded GODco and the CFM underwrote the loan
so both of these corps would have been fairly well established before this event occurred around half way between the two sathar wars, I would guess. There is little doubt that terraforming has been going on by yazirians since day one of the Star Exodus and probably under the direction Fo1 and Clan Anglan. So the question is why would Clan Anglan and Fo1 suddenly divest themselves of direct control of the terraforming enterprise? Since this is a project about inter-Nicene violence among yazirians one strong possibility is that there was an incident of some sort (scandal). Organizing GODco was a move to placate the other side . Ultimately Fo1 maintains control since all executives come from its clan. But now no one can really be angry with the Fo1 because they feel that their colony is not getting the terraforming support they felt it should. In the early days the terraforming was done as a necessary part of the exodus but now its a business and you must pay for it, forget the fact that it was promised that all the yazirian colonies would be recreated in the image of the Garden of Yazira and that promise has never been fulfilled except on Hentz. Fo1 found work slow downs a powerful stick to keep the other colonies in line and GODco also continues this tradition though not as blatantly.
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