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January 11, 2012 - 10:46am
Just starting a thread here so I can find this information again in the future:

thespiritcoyote wrote:
Yes, factions that are the result of strong leanings toward broad philosophical & socio-political positions is how I imagined this to be most effective... the complexity arising organically with the interaction of factions within the clan-culture framework.

Possible Blurb:
A socio-political split developed originally on Hentz, grown to encompass all Yazirian settlements of influential size, is set between interests that favor the original Yazirian ecosystem and those that favor cultivations of the existing ecosystem - these 'factions' have been labeled by biopolitical sociologists and philosophical economy analysts as Ordained-Originates (that hold to strict & aggressive views of theistic doctrine about the natural Yazirian ecosystem) and the Ecological Cultivationists (who have loosened the restraints of theistic doctrines in favor of a reevaluation of Yazirian natural place in the broader galactic environment)... while Ordained-Originates are often Biological Supremacist the two factions are not always compatible and many Ecological Cultivationists are still openly Supremacist in regard to personal Clan and/or Yazi as a whole.

Factions Mentioned:
 Ordained-Originates (aka; Old-Gaurdeners Club, Ecothesim Adherents, Yaz-Sanctuarians)
 Ecological Cultivationists (aka; Neo-conservationists, Galaxy Farmers, Cosmo-Druids)
 Biological Supremacist (aka; Neo-Yazi/Tier-Rights Activists, [Clan]-Dominant Sovereignty, All for One Unitarians)
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!