Yazirian Tradition (Optional Skill)

Yazirian Tradition is open to any yazirian to learn as an "in" PSA skill. Non yazirian characters could study it but would pay out of PSA rates to gain the skill.

This skill is designed for a yazirian with an urge to "get back to his roots." It is a combination of lore, traditional weapons, and crafting skills. The subskills for this skill are Traditional Weapons, Cultural Lore, Read Ancient Yazirian Texts, and Make Traditional Yazirian Crafts and Items.

Any yazirian who has studied this skill will, almost certainly, display his clan symbol (see "Yazirian Clans" Star Fronterisman #8). He is well familiar with the Yazirian Honor Code and prone to quote it. He may indulge in wearing traditional forms of dress (togas) when not on the job or when defense suits are not required. If closely tied to the Family of One he probably will not carry the khad'dan but likewise if closely tied to the anti Family of One movement then he may eschew the zamra. Many yazirians do carry both weapons.

A traditional yazirian will have one honor weapon that he will not want to be parted from. This weapon is considered an extention of his inner sha-ka. Because he believes that the weapon becomes imbued with his spirit or sha-ka he will desire that it be returned to family and clan upon his death. The zamra usually causes few problems if slung from the neck or a belt in a leather sheath the completely covers its blade. However because the khad'dan is a sword it can cause difficulty for the yazirian that desires to carry it if the local weapons laws prohibit suck activity. There are no such prohibitions on yazirian colonies. However, since the khad'dan has been associated with the anti Family of One movement the authorities on Hentz pay close attention to those yazirians carrying one.

Traditional Weapons Subskill confers the ability to use the khad'dan and the zamra (Ares #17 p.41). Both are  considered honor weapons though the zamra has been staunchly promoted as the only suitable honor weapon for the modern age because its less lethal than the khad'dan. Skill rolls for the zamra are modified by DEX but since the khad'dan is essentially a sword it can be modified by either DEX or STR.

Cultural Lore Subskill is a basic lore skill focused on yazirian culture and history. The skill roll is modified by LOG. Obscure details about an ancient clan might, at the referee's discretion, require a -10 to -20 penalty for the skill roll but the same obscure detail about the character's clan would not. This subskill can be leveraged to know details about a yazirian religion but mostly it would be general details not in-depth theology.

Read Ancient Yazirian Texts Subskill confers the ability to read ancient yazirian texts and scrolls. All ancient and modern forms of yazirian writing are very closely related. With this subskill a yazirian could puzzle out the intent of a written passage at low levels and read it fluently at hire levels or alternately a simple skill roll is modified by LOG can be made to discover the contents of the scroll.

Make Traditional Yazirian Crafts and Items Subskill is similar to the Make Items Subskill in the Alpha Dawn rules Environmental Skill. With suitable materials ready to hand a bower tent, rope, water skins, ceremonial knives and clubs and etc can be made. The rate of success is 100% providing all the necessary materials are present. This skill does not confer the ability to craft a Khad'dan which is an advanced metal working discipline but a wooden zamra could be carved out of dense hard wood.

Notes on Rules Systems: If using Alpha Dawn rules then use the EXP costs for the Technician PSA. With Zebulon's Guide rules use the in or out profession costs. If using "A Skilled Frontier" Star Frontiersman #9 then use Primary PSA skill rates for yazirians learning this skill and tertiary skill rates for non yazirians trying to learn this skill.