Expansion of Star's Authority

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December 16, 2011 - 8:11am
Star Law is not a static animal in the setting. It has a founding and increases in its scope and power over time.
ZebsG under corporate history wrote:
New laws gave Star Law more power and authority to act in the interest of Galactic peace.
the above quote is in the context of coming down on corporate war and espionage when its getting out of hand after the SW2. Also after SW2 Star Law Law expands into the Rim officially. So its an organization that evolves over time. A good place to set an adventure would be at one of the junctures where the expansion of powers comes about due in part or whole or indirectly to PC actions. Gives the adventure greater scope. One has to wonder what the ultimate look of Star Law will be in 300-500 years; Big Brother? How much power will Star Law accumulate?
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