Fragmentation Cannon(KH)

Like their man-portable cousins, spacecraft-mounted fragmentation cannon fire railgun projectiles which explode into hundreds of fragments of shrapnel(shrap).

Shrap from a frag cannon affects the targeted hex and the six hexes immediately surrounding it, as per the diagram below:

Frag Cannon Area of Effect

All ships within the targeted area suffer the damage listed for the frag weapon in question.

There are three types of spacecraft frag cannon:

Frag Cannon(FRC): Fires heavy-caliber frag rounds. 

MHS:5, HDR: 4D10, Range: 7 hexes, DTM: -10, Restrictions: FF,LTD(9 100-round bursts), Volume: 60 cubic meters, Cost: Cr 37,500 

Frag Cannon Battery(FRB): A battery of quad-mounted small-caliber frag cannon, commonly used in point-defense. 

MHS:4, HDR: 1D10, Range: 5 hexes, DTM: -10, Restrictions: LTD(20 1,000-round bursts), Volume: 25 cu. meters, Cost: Cr 30,000. 

Fragmentation Cannon Gunpod(FGP):A gunpod containing a small-caliber frag cannon.

MHS:1, HDR: 1d10, Range: 5 hexes, DTM: -10, Restrictions: LTD(5 1,000-round bursts), Volume: 10 cu. meters, Cost: Cr 8,500. 

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