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Description: Clockwork Fusion is one of my latest projects in development using a steam punk genre for Star Frontiers and Frontierspace. This may eventually work into a stand alone product for DWD studios or Frontierspace but I am going to begin testing it in the Star Frontiers setting first. Being new to the steam punk genre and mythos, I am still doing a lot of research into what this all entails. In general the setting for Clockwork Fusion will primarily focus on 1870 - 1915 style victorian gothic, post civil war frontier, and WW1 era themes. The actual location of the setting and physical time is completely unimportant but serve only as guide for theme design, architecture, asthetics, and motif. This project is an extremely experimental WIP and will most likely see many revisions and changes. This project will be a space opera style sci-fantasy project and while I invite some hard sci-fi analysis there are just some technologies we will use here that never existed and are purely plot devices. I Hope to hear more from the community and get some seriously fun discussion and involvement.

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Clockwork Fusion Is A Steam Punk / Steam Tech Role Playing Setting For Use In Star Frontiers And Frontierspace Role Playing Games. This project will focus on setting development which may be used in whole or in part in future supplemental or stand alone products.