Welcome to Rigel Brothers Travelling Circus

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May 11, 2010 - 8:39pm
Welcome to Rigel Brothers Travelling Circus

Our travelling circus sphere will dazzle and amaze!
We travel the frontier bringing you up-close and personal live action never before possible until now.
Clowns, exotic animals, a ul-mor high-wire act, amazing stunts and feats of strength are just a few of the shows that come alive while the party visits. During the big tent performance...

- The party is selected from the audience. A pretty lady gives each player a honorific necklace beautifully carved from the finest metals and gems. Instantly each of the party members enters a trance-like state following the lady around the ring, performing whichever tricks she suggests. The crowd goes wild!

- The party follows the lady to the back area where they are placed in a holding cell still wearing the necklaces.

What happens next is up to you; can they escape or will they serve the rest of their player lives balancing bottles on their head and wearing funny clothes?