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    Arcodyne Industries B-Series Banshee Class Patrol Ship

    Version: 1.0
    Project: Ships of the Frontier
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    Updated: February 26, 2010 - 7:51pm
    Submitted: AZ_GAMER
    The Arcodyne Industries B-Series was the second production line and the design basis for the popular E-Series that comprised the bulk of the colonial spacefleet during the Brindi War. B-Series Starships like the Banshee saw extensive use after the Okanin War as border patrol vessels. Tasked primarily with maintaining a visible presence along the Okanin Borders the Banshee was built for long endurace runs and brief combat engagements if necessary. Though equally armed in comparison to the E-Series, the banshee class lacked the power provided by the E-Series Binary Stage Fusion Drive.